Don’t Fret, Follow These 5 Home Maintenance Tips To Get Ready for Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and you know what that means: cold weather! The fall temperatures can take a toll on your home, so follow these 5 home maintenance tips to ensure your home withstands the chilly weather.

1. Examine Your Doors and Windows for Drafts

new windowsThe air in your home can easily escape by drafts in your windows and doors. Avoid extra costs from lost air by adding extra drapery around these areas and investing in necessary glass repair. At Glass Express, we are experts at installing insulated glass that will save you a scary amount of money in electric bills in the long run.




2. Replace Your Air Filters

Changing your home’s air and/or furnace filter will create a more efficient filter that will heat your home faster. Another tip that will help keep the warm air flowing, is changing the direction of your ceiling fans to move clockwise. That pushes the heat down.

3. Check Your Pipes

As the air outside gets colder, the water inside your pipes could begin to freeze. This could eventually lead to burst pipes. Prevent broken pipes by draining your outdoor faucets and providing extra installation to those inside your home exposed to cold weather.

4. Take a look at Your Home’s Roof and Gutters

Remove any elements found in your gutters, such as leaves, rocks and dirt. This will help melted snow flow properly during the cold months and prevent leakage into your home.

5. Get Your Fireplace Ready

There’s nothing better than sitting by a nice warm fire in the cold months. Make sure your fireplace is prepared and cleaned out before your first fire to ensure air can flow through properly. If needed, hire a chimney sweeper.


Follow these 5 simple tips to guarantee a safe and warm fall season. For inquiries on glass repairs and insulated installations, call the experts at Glass Express Repair today!

DIY Window Projects


You already decided to replace your windows, but what do you do with your old ones? Before you throw them out, check out some DIY window projects that can bring out your inner creativity while adding a touch of charm to your home.

Window Chalkboard

If you have lists written throughout your home, a DIY chalkboard would be perfect for you! All your notes can be in one place…and you’ll have a friendly reminder every time you walk past it. Check out how to make one here.

Window Shelf

Looking for a place to sit all your picture frames? Add a shelf to the top or bottom of an old window to add a little flare to your traditional shelving. All you need is some brackets, screws and an old window and you’ll have a DIY shelf. Learn to put one together here.

window-decorWindow Wall Art

There are so many fun ways you can use an old window as a focal point in any room. Use some paint to create something directly on the glass. Or you can remove the glass and hang small planters in each frame. If you really want to keep it simple, just hang some vintage windows in a fun way behind a couch or dining room table. The options are endless!

DIY Picture Frame

Think outside the box from your traditional, store bought picture frames. Instead, use an old window to make the perfect DIY picture frame. You can have multiple photos or one enlarged photo that is broken up by the frame.

Accessory Organizer 

Is your jewelry currently tangled up in a box? If so create something practical to nicely display all your jewelry. Remove the glass from your old window and add chicken wire to clip your accessories to using clothes pins. This is a fun, chic way to organize your accessories!

If you are not ready to replace your windows, don’t worry, you can pick up old windows at flea markets, garage sales and many other places.

Why You Should Choose Glass Table Tops

If you’re out shopping for your next table then you already know, there are so many different table options making it a challenge to choose the right one. If you’re considering glass table tops check out why they can be the right choice for you.

Glass dining room table


If your change your style frequently consider a glass table. They easily match any upgrade you may give to your home. Not to mention, if you have great lighting it will create a beautiful display and highlight any room.

Illusion of More Space

Glass tables create an illusion of more space and make a room appear larger. Glass table tops are especially useful in small spaces to open up the room.

Glass table in apartment

DIY Table

If you have an old barrel, door, pallet, or table you can make your own table by adding a glass top. This can give any old furniture an immediate upgrade that is sure to wow your guest. Check out these different ways you can add a glass table top to make your own DIY table.

Easy Maintenance

With just a spritz of Windex and a rag your glass table is clean. You won’t need to nag your guest to use a coaster because your glass table won’t leave watermarks or stains.

Glass table tops in living room

Still not convinced a glass table top is for you, call your experts at Glass Express Repair today to see how a glass table top will fit into your home.

Update Your Kitchen with Glass


For those of us who can’t afford a full kitchen remodel but desire a change, consider these three simple summer updates for your kitchen with glass. Glass is one of the most versatile decorating and design mediums.  No matter whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, adding glass elements to a kitchen is a budget smart upgrade that will leave any homeowner visually lifted.

Transform your cabinet doors with glass inserts

If you find yourself reaching into a basic grade brown cabinet every day but can’t yet afford new ones, consider adding glass inserts to one or all of your cabinet door fronts. This DIY project will add light and life as well as a more customized look to your kitchen.  After removing the door and carefully measuring the space for the insert, cut the opening to size.  Leave the replacement glass to us. We can custom cut any size glass and help bring your kitchen cabinets from ordinary to a designer’s look.   But what type of glass?

Here’s the flare.  If you’re traditional and just want to add a change to the kitchen that will let light in and add more formal look, pick a set of well placed uppers and put glass inserts in.  You will be able to organize collectables, show off heirlooms, or display a bold accent color.  Either way, the glass cabinet fronts will add a new focal point to the kitchen and upgrade your space.

If, on the other hand, you’re more contemporary in style, glass has other options for you.  Painted glass offers a sleek, contemporary look without showing off what’s behind.  The back side of the glass is painted in the color of your choice (white is a popular choice), all the while the exterior of your cabinet insert is a glossy, smart and sleek style.

Add Glass Shelves

Look around your kitchen.  Chances are there is open wall space and everything from collectables, knick knacks, and sentimental items cluttering up the window sill and counter.  Maybe it’s time for you to update your space by installing glass shelves. Well placed glass shelves can add storage space that will both showcase your stuff and help you clear your countertop.  Or maybe you just need more space for organizing all those coffee cups!  Glass shelving, inside or outside a cabinet, allows for needed organization space that still lets the light shine


Go For It!  Glass Backsplash.

Come on, you know you want to try it. They make it look so easy on TV, and the truth is, my husband and I did it, and it looks great! Go ahead, install your own glass tile backsplash! There are so many gorgeous glass tile options out there, you can hardly go wrong. Buy two or three small samples. Bring them home and leave them in your space for a week or so to see which one seems to say home. Then commit! Do the prep work. Watch several DIY videos and tile away! You will love the look this glass adds to your kitchen, not to mention how easy it is to clean. If you don’t trust yourself with this DIY, trust me, you want glass tile backsplash! So hire the professionals and enjoy this glass up-grade for years to come.

Stained Glass Windows at Home

If you’ve spent time in a museum or holy place lately, you have probably encountered a stained glass window. These beautiful light catching pieces of wall art elevate the mind to consider their subjects. If I asked you to name one or two famous stained glass windows, chances are you could come up with one. This form of art has been a part of society since before the Middle Ages. helping generations of people remember the story of the past. While it may be that the term “stained glass window” makes you think of a church, a well placed stained glass can and should be used at home. Here’s why:

  • Colored glass.  The rich colored glass of a stained window draws the eye. A stained glass window can work overtime for a room in need of color depth.  Colored glass is subtle and soft, all the while being unique, dramatic, and sometimes unexpected. When a room is in need of more than a splash of color, make a statement with a stained glass window.

  • Play with light.  If you’re the kind of person that watches the light falls across your room and the changes in wall shades from noon to night, stained glass is a great decorating medium for you. Not only the color, but the bends in the edge of the glass create reflections and patterns that can make any room feel more alive and new.

  • Details in pattern or picture.  Is there something that a stained glass window in your home would say about you? In the same way you surround yourself with art, pictures, and photographs that represent who you are, finding a stained glass that says “you” is the perfect compliment to your space.

When stained glass is used at home, it can give character, depth, and color to almost any space. If you’re still not sold on the idea, you can take an existing window and weekend warrior an imposter stained glass DIY project to try window color on for size. It is not permanent, and with a skillful hand it can look great. But, I say, jump right in! Scour a local antique store or flea market for a thrift find, or go to an art gallery for a contemporary window. Either way, consider telling your home’s story by adding an inspired piece of art in stained glass.

Repairing a Torn Window Screen

Some DIY projects require a special soul to take on. If you’re one of those homeowners who finds that the crisp fall air tends to put a skip in your step and small home improvement projects bring a smile to your face, keep reading. This project, however, is not one that will bring with it a rush that says pride of ownership or the instant public praise of neighbors. As a matter of fact, it might be a little embarrassing, but if your windows aren’t up to par, chances are your window screens aren’t either. Fall is a good time to inspect all of your homes window screens and see if you are in need of repairing a torn window screen.

Fly Screen

You may have seen your neighbors remove and clean their window screens at this time of year. I too, enjoy taking down each screen and giving the exterior of my homes windows a one good last wash before we head into colder weather. I remove the screens too, because I just don’t want to look through that dull grey color if I don’t have to! You’re with me, especially if your windows are older; newer screen material is much lighter than dated ones! But as I remove each screen, I need to inspect it to make sure it’s in good working condition, and if it’s not, now is the time to make the repair. I know you will be tempted to put it off until next Spring, but if you do the project now, come Spring, you’ll be glad you did. As the old adage goes, OHIO. Hmmm. . .?  Yes, OHIO. Only Handle It Once.

Repairing that small hole or tear in a fiberglass or nylon screen only requires a few tools. First cover screen material with a matching material, nylon to nylon etc. Carefully wash your screens before you begin to repair any small holes or tears. After they are completely dry, cut the new screen material you have acquired into a patch just larger than the tear of hole you are trying to cover. Cover the edges of your patch with a thin layer of super adhesive glue. Avoiding finger tips to glue, immediately apply the patch to the screen. Allow the patch to dry and viola, you are ready for next Spring.

Window with light

For screen damage more serious than a small hole or tear, always refer to the professionals. Glass Express is well suited to meet all your larger than DIY status window projects. Don’t let bad screen get you down at the start of this Spring, tackle those unsightly issues now. Until then, rest well knowing you are a DIY man and have not put off until tomorrow what could be done today!

Winning Window Treatments

Since you’ve rewarded yourself with beautiful new windows, now might be the time to step back and consider whether those old, worn out and beaten up window treatments are a fitting accompaniment for the new kids on the block.  Sprucing up those new windows with trendy window treatments might just be the finishing trick you need to dress up your whole space. New trends in window treatments are updated versions of the timeless classics. Go ahead, see which new trend fits you!


Use Organic Materials

Let me guess, you have brown in your old window treatment; and why wouldn’t you!  Delicious tones of brown are one of homes most popular color families for their grounding and comfortable tone. Today tones of brown are coming on strong in the form of organic materials. Natural colors of bamboo or woven earthy textures, as well as, wood grain can be found in curtains, shades or blinds. Whether incorporating organic features in your windows hardware or the treatment itself, options in exposed wood are everywhere

Create Sleek Lines

If organic is not your thing, then chances are you might trend toward sleek lines. Update your space with a clean and streamlined look that says contemporary. With color palette of white and metallics, focus on the key elements of line, shape, and finishes to recreate a sophisticated modern look.

Repurpose or DIY in order to Save

Maybe your windows have been bare up to now! If that’s the case, search the web to find endless examples of quick, simple, and affordable ways to create window treatments on your own. Repurpose a favorite sheet or tablecloth. Too nervous to take on a bigger project? Begin with a valance. Window treatment DIY projects don’t have to take up a lot of time or space to make a big impact in your room.

Classic antique style bedroom.

As with any decorating project, the main thing is to create a space you feel good about. Once you see your new windows covered in treatments that make you proud, the newest member of your decorating family will be a crowd pleaser and the focal point of conversation and your room.

Weekend Warriors- Do It Yourself

glass-express-weekend-warrior-painting Summer is a great time for weekend warriors to dive into that Do It Yourself project that seemed to be a monkey on your back all winter long. Knocking out a wall for an open concept living room, putting in that window your wife has always wanted above the sink, or the weekend bathroom re-do. Whatever your home project, chances are it incorporates a window. But now that you’re one weekend into it and you’ve run into a stumbling block or two, you might be scratching your head saying, “Now that didn’t go like the one I saw them do on tv.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One significant key to unlocking the door to a DIY dream is to learn how to handle frustration. The second key is to know when to call in the experts.

glass-express-weekend-warrior-frustratedThere isn’t a project started that doesn’t at some point hit a roadblock or cause monumental frustration. While setbacks always offer the opportunity for a learning experience, sometimes the wisdom gained is to know when to say you need help. When it comes to potential mistakes with your glass and windows, it’s probably time to call, “uncle!” Windows are your home’s eyes, used for seeing the outside world. Not unlike the eye, windows need delicate care in order to make sure that they do their job well and stand the test of time. Windows require quality, durable products and should be built to last as well as installed by craftsmen knowledgeable in his trade.

A craftsman knows the importance of having your windows balanced, level, and flush at every corner and wall. There can be no fill in gaps or uneven, less than level windows. The quality of the installation job is directly related to the effectiveness of the window.

To keep your home beautiful and in top performance all year long, take a step back from this summer’s DIY project and if everything is not going as well as you planned regarding that new glass piece or window, give us a call at Glass Express. We’ve got your back and will have that window project back on track in no time. The result being, you maintain your credibility as a weekend warrior, only next weekend when the projects done you’ll be having your fun out of the house. So, here’s to great projects, great windows, and even better summers!

Glass Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Before you begin to deck the halls this season take a good look around your home and take these three easy steps to inventory your use of glass. Utilizing glass decorating as a design element in any room can add transparency and texture, make up for spatial challenges, and offer a visual highlight transforming an old space into something new.

Window Replacement- Holiday

Step one: Wash your windows inside and out. Use mildly soapy warm water and a soft lint free cotton towel. Right now, your windows are probably the largest glass element in your home, make sure they look their best. A clean streak-free window will allow natural light to stream into your home and give you a beautiful view of that bright first snowfall.

Step two: Clean and then assess your use of mirrors. Do you have enough mirrors? Are they doing the most to enhance the fashion as well as function of your room? A well placed wall mirror can add space and light to a small room making it feel brighter and larger. A large room can also benefit from the use of a mirror to create multi-functional spaces in one larger space. Your eyes are drawn to glass. Just like you see a mirror at the end of a long hallway, a mirror at the end of a room draws your eyes towards itself and creates an instant visual traffic pattern.

Step three: Consider adding a glass tabletop to an already existing table. Whether it’s your end table, coffee table, sideboard, or credenza, adding a glass tabletop can make the piece look larger and classier for sure. A glass tabletop works in any season, but now is the perfect time in order to reflect twinkle lights, display a favorite ornament collection or show off anything from a well stocked bar to a holiday village scene.

Taking inventory of your homes major glass elements by using these three easy steps prepares the base layer of your room to move and receive light. So move over Christmas decorations, you’ve been put on the back burner until the major glass elements have been freshened up to make sure your room look good all year long. This way, when you do deck the halls, your house will sparkle like never before!