DIY Window Projects


You already decided to replace your windows, but what do you do with your old ones? Before you throw them out, check out some DIY window projects that can bring out your inner creativity while adding a touch of charm to your home.

Window Chalkboard

If you have lists written throughout your home, a DIY chalkboard would be perfect for you! All your notes can be in one place…and you’ll have a friendly reminder every time you walk past it. Check out how to make one here.

Window Shelf

Looking for a place to sit all your picture frames? Add a shelf to the top or bottom of an old window to add a little flare to your traditional shelving. All you need is some brackets, screws and an old window and you’ll have a DIY shelf. Learn to put one together here.

window-decorWindow Wall Art

There are so many fun ways you can use an old window as a focal point in any room. Use some paint to create something directly on the glass. Or you can remove the glass and hang small planters in each frame. If you really want to keep it simple, just hang some vintage windows in a fun way behind a couch or dining room table. The options are endless!

DIY Picture Frame

Think outside the box from your traditional, store bought picture frames. Instead, use an old window to make the perfect DIY picture frame. You can have multiple photos or one enlarged photo that is broken up by the frame.

Accessory Organizer 

Is your jewelry currently tangled up in a box? If so create something practical to nicely display all your jewelry. Remove the glass from your old window and add chicken wire to clip your accessories to using clothes pins. This is a fun, chic way to organize your accessories!

If you are not ready to replace your windows, don’t worry, you can pick up old windows at flea markets, garage sales and many other places.