Stained Glass Windows at Home

If you’ve spent time in a museum or holy place lately, you have probably encountered a stained glass window. These beautiful light catching pieces of wall art elevate the mind to consider their subjects. If I asked you to name one or two famous stained glass windows, chances are you could come up with one. This form of art has been a part of society since before the Middle Ages. helping generations of people remember the story of the past. While it may be that the term “stained glass window” makes you think of a church, a well placed stained glass can and should be used at home. Here’s why:

  • Colored glass.  The rich colored glass of a stained window draws the eye. A stained glass window can work overtime for a room in need of color depth.  Colored glass is subtle and soft, all the while being unique, dramatic, and sometimes unexpected. When a room is in need of more than a splash of color, make a statement with a stained glass window.

  • Play with light.  If you’re the kind of person that watches the light falls across your room and the changes in wall shades from noon to night, stained glass is a great decorating medium for you. Not only the color, but the bends in the edge of the glass create reflections and patterns that can make any room feel more alive and new.

  • Details in pattern or picture.  Is there something that a stained glass window in your home would say about you? In the same way you surround yourself with art, pictures, and photographs that represent who you are, finding a stained glass that says “you” is the perfect compliment to your space.

When stained glass is used at home, it can give character, depth, and color to almost any space. If you’re still not sold on the idea, you can take an existing window and weekend warrior an imposter stained glass DIY project to try window color on for size. It is not permanent, and with a skillful hand it can look great. But, I say, jump right in! Scour a local antique store or flea market for a thrift find, or go to an art gallery for a contemporary window. Either way, consider telling your home’s story by adding an inspired piece of art in stained glass.