Repairing a Torn Window Screen

Some DIY projects require a special soul to take on. If you’re one of those homeowners who finds that the crisp fall air tends to put a skip in your step and small home improvement projects bring a smile to your face, keep reading. This project, however, is not one that will bring with it a rush that says pride of ownership or the instant public praise of neighbors. As a matter of fact, it might be a little embarrassing, but if your windows aren’t up to par, chances are your window screens aren’t either. Fall is a good time to inspect all of your homes window screens and see if you are in need of repairing a torn window screen.

Fly Screen

You may have seen your neighbors remove and clean their window screens at this time of year. I too, enjoy taking down each screen and giving the exterior of my homes windows a one good last wash before we head into colder weather. I remove the screens too, because I just don’t want to look through that dull grey color if I don’t have to! You’re with me, especially if your windows are older; newer screen material is much lighter than dated ones! But as I remove each screen, I need to inspect it to make sure it’s in good working condition, and if it’s not, now is the time to make the repair. I know you will be tempted to put it off until next Spring, but if you do the project now, come Spring, you’ll be glad you did. As the old adage goes, OHIO. Hmmm. . .?  Yes, OHIO. Only Handle It Once.

Repairing that small hole or tear in a fiberglass or nylon screen only requires a few tools. First cover screen material with a matching material, nylon to nylon etc. Carefully wash your screens before you begin to repair any small holes or tears. After they are completely dry, cut the new screen material you have acquired into a patch just larger than the tear of hole you are trying to cover. Cover the edges of your patch with a thin layer of super adhesive glue. Avoiding finger tips to glue, immediately apply the patch to the screen. Allow the patch to dry and viola, you are ready for next Spring.

Window with light

For screen damage more serious than a small hole or tear, always refer to the professionals. Glass Express is well suited to meet all your larger than DIY status window projects. Don’t let bad screen get you down at the start of this Spring, tackle those unsightly issues now. Until then, rest well knowing you are a DIY man and have not put off until tomorrow what could be done today!