Why You Should Choose Glass Table Tops

If you’re out shopping for your next table then you already know, there are so many different table options making it a challenge to choose the right one. If you’re considering glass table tops check out why they can be the right choice for you.

Glass dining room table


If your change your style frequently consider a glass table. They easily match any upgrade you may give to your home. Not to mention, if you have great lighting it will create a beautiful display and highlight any room.

Illusion of More Space

Glass tables create an illusion of more space and make a room appear larger. Glass table tops are especially useful in small spaces to open up the room.

Glass table in apartment

DIY Table

If you have an old barrel, door, pallet, or table you can make your own table by adding a glass top. This can give any old furniture an immediate upgrade that is sure to wow your guest. Check out these different ways you can add a glass table top to make your own DIY table.

Easy Maintenance

With just a spritz of Windex and a rag your glass table is clean. You won’t need to nag your guest to use a coaster because your glass table won’t leave watermarks or stains.

Glass table tops in living room

Still not convinced a glass table top is for you, call your experts at Glass Express Repair today to see how a glass table top will fit into your home.