Update Your Kitchen with Glass


For those of us who can’t afford a full kitchen remodel but desire a change, consider these three simple summer updates for your kitchen with glass. Glass is one of the most versatile decorating and design mediums.  No matter whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, adding glass elements to a kitchen is a budget smart upgrade that will leave any homeowner visually lifted.

Transform your cabinet doors with glass inserts

If you find yourself reaching into a basic grade brown cabinet every day but can’t yet afford new ones, consider adding glass inserts to one or all of your cabinet door fronts. This DIY project will add light and life as well as a more customized look to your kitchen.  After removing the door and carefully measuring the space for the insert, cut the opening to size.  Leave the replacement glass to us. We can custom cut any size glass and help bring your kitchen cabinets from ordinary to a designer’s look.   But what type of glass?

Here’s the flare.  If you’re traditional and just want to add a change to the kitchen that will let light in and add more formal look, pick a set of well placed uppers and put glass inserts in.  You will be able to organize collectables, show off heirlooms, or display a bold accent color.  Either way, the glass cabinet fronts will add a new focal point to the kitchen and upgrade your space.

If, on the other hand, you’re more contemporary in style, glass has other options for you.  Painted glass offers a sleek, contemporary look without showing off what’s behind.  The back side of the glass is painted in the color of your choice (white is a popular choice), all the while the exterior of your cabinet insert is a glossy, smart and sleek style.

Add Glass Shelves

Look around your kitchen.  Chances are there is open wall space and everything from collectables, knick knacks, and sentimental items cluttering up the window sill and counter.  Maybe it’s time for you to update your space by installing glass shelves. Well placed glass shelves can add storage space that will both showcase your stuff and help you clear your countertop.  Or maybe you just need more space for organizing all those coffee cups!  Glass shelving, inside or outside a cabinet, allows for needed organization space that still lets the light shine through.glass-shelf


Go For It!  Glass Backsplash.

Come on, you know you want to try it. They make it look so easy on TV, and the truth is, my husband and I did it, and it looks great! Go ahead, install your own glass tile backsplash! There are so many gorgeous glass tile options out there, you can hardly go wrong. Buy two or three small samples. Bring them home and leave them in your space for a week or so to see which one seems to say home. Then commit! Do the prep work. Watch several DIY videos and tile away! You will love the look this glass adds to your kitchen, not to mention how easy it is to clean. If you don’t trust yourself with this DIY, trust me, you want glass tile backsplash! So hire the professionals and enjoy this glass up-grade for years to come.