Weekend Warriors- Do It Yourself

glass-express-weekend-warrior-painting Summer is a great time for weekend warriors to dive into that Do It Yourself project that seemed to be a monkey on your back all winter long. Knocking out a wall for an open concept living room, putting in that window your wife has always wanted above the sink, or the weekend bathroom re-do. Whatever your home project, chances are it incorporates a window. But now that you’re one weekend into it and you’ve run into a stumbling block or two, you might be scratching your head saying, “Now that didn’t go like the one I saw them do on tv.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One significant key to unlocking the door to a DIY dream is to learn how to handle frustration. The second key is to know when to call in the experts.

glass-express-weekend-warrior-frustratedThere isn’t a project started that doesn’t at some point hit a roadblock or cause monumental frustration. While setbacks always offer the opportunity for a learning experience, sometimes the wisdom gained is to know when to say you need help. When it comes to potential mistakes with your glass and windows, it’s probably time to call, “uncle!” Windows are your home’s eyes, used for seeing the outside world. Not unlike the eye, windows need delicate care in order to make sure that they do their job well and stand the test of time. Windows require quality, durable products and should be built to last as well as installed by craftsmen knowledgeable in his trade.

A craftsman knows the importance of having your windows balanced, level, and flush at every corner and wall. There can be no fill in gaps or uneven, less than level windows. The quality of the installation job is directly related to the effectiveness of the window.

To keep your home beautiful and in top performance all year long, take a step back from this summer’s DIY project and if everything is not going as well as you planned regarding that new glass piece or window, give us a call at Glass Express. We’ve got your back and will have that window project back on track in no time. The result being, you maintain your credibility as a weekend warrior, only next weekend when the projects done you’ll be having your fun out of the house. So, here’s to great projects, great windows, and even better summers!