Glass Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Before you begin to deck the halls this season take a good look around your home and take these three easy steps to inventory your use of glass. Utilizing glass decorating as a design element in any room can add transparency and texture, make up for spatial challenges, and offer a visual highlight transforming an old space into something new.

Window Replacement- Holiday

Step one: Wash your windows inside and out. Use mildly soapy warm water and a soft lint-free cotton towel. Right now, your windows are probably the largest glass element in your home, make sure they look their best. A clean streak-free window will allow natural light to stream into your home and give you a beautiful view of that bright first snowfall.

Step two: Clean and then assess your use of mirrors. Do you have enough mirrors? Are they doing the most to enhance the fashion as well as function of your room? A well-placed wall mirror can add space and light to a small room making it feel brighter and larger. A large room can also benefit from the use of a mirror to create multi-functional spaces in one larger space. Your eyes are drawn to glass. Just like you see a mirror at the end of a long hallway, a mirror at the end of a room draws your eyes toward itself and creates an instant visual traffic pattern.

Step three: Consider adding a glass tabletop to an already existing table. Whether it’s your end table, coffee table, sideboard, or credenza, adding a glass tabletop can make the piece look larger and classier for sure. A glass tabletop works in any season, but now is the perfect time in order to reflect twinkle lights, display a favorite ornament collection or show off anything from a well-stocked bar to a holiday village scene.

Taking inventory of your home’s major glass elements by using these three easy steps prepares the base layer of your room to move and receive light. So move over Christmas decorations, you’ve been put on the back burner until the major glass elements have been freshened up to make sure your room looks good all year long. This way, when you do deck the halls, your house will sparkle like never before!