Update Your Kitchen with Glass


For those of us who can’t afford a full kitchen remodel but desire a change, consider these three simple summer updates for your kitchen with glass. Glass is one of the most versatile decorating and design mediums.  No matter whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, adding glass elements to a kitchen is a budget smart upgrade that will leave any homeowner visually lifted.

Transform your cabinet doors with glass inserts

If you find yourself reaching into a basic grade brown cabinet every day but can’t yet afford new ones, consider adding glass inserts to one or all of your cabinet door fronts. This DIY project will add light and life as well as a more customized look to your kitchen.  After removing the door and carefully measuring the space for the insert, cut the opening to size.  Leave the replacement glass to us. We can custom cut any size glass and help bring your kitchen cabinets from ordinary to a designer’s look.   But what type of glass?

Here’s the flare.  If you’re traditional and just want to add a change to the kitchen that will let light in and add more formal look, pick a set of well placed uppers and put glass inserts in.  You will be able to organize collectables, show off heirlooms, or display a bold accent color.  Either way, the glass cabinet fronts will add a new focal point to the kitchen and upgrade your space.

If, on the other hand, you’re more contemporary in style, glass has other options for you.  Painted glass offers a sleek, contemporary look without showing off what’s behind.  The back side of the glass is painted in the color of your choice (white is a popular choice), all the while the exterior of your cabinet insert is a glossy, smart and sleek style.

Add Glass Shelves

Look around your kitchen.  Chances are there is open wall space and everything from collectables, knick knacks, and sentimental items cluttering up the window sill and counter.  Maybe it’s time for you to update your space by installing glass shelves. Well placed glass shelves can add storage space that will both showcase your stuff and help you clear your countertop.  Or maybe you just need more space for organizing all those coffee cups!  Glass shelving, inside or outside a cabinet, allows for needed organization space that still lets the light shine through.glass-shelf


Go For It!  Glass Backsplash.

Come on, you know you want to try it. They make it look so easy on TV, and the truth is, my husband and I did it, and it looks great! Go ahead, install your own glass tile backsplash! There are so many gorgeous glass tile options out there, you can hardly go wrong. Buy two or three small samples. Bring them home and leave them in your space for a week or so to see which one seems to say home. Then commit! Do the prep work. Watch several DIY videos and tile away! You will love the look this glass adds to your kitchen, not to mention how easy it is to clean. If you don’t trust yourself with this DIY, trust me, you want glass tile backsplash! So hire the professionals and enjoy this glass up-grade for years to come.

The Best Glass Repair and Services in Indianapolis


If you find yourself looking for glass repair in the Indianapolis area, make Glass Express your final stop for glass service. When it comes to glass repair and custom glass services, the experts at Glass Express come with a knowledge base consumers can’t find anywhere else. With 32 years of experience, we are both trailblazer and wise sage. Trailblazer because we stay up-to-date with the latest innovation in window production and wise sage because we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we just know when something in glass isn’t working. We offer unprecedented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service, but we are not limited to repair service. We take great pride in our custom work too. Anything from custom shower surrounds, to glass table tops, to unconventional window shapes and sizes; our team can help design, completely fabricate, and install a custom glass show piece that’s perfect for your space.

Insulated Glass Repair

In your home or at your place of business, using insulated glass windows just makes sense. With “Window Energy Ratings” well above the standard paned window, these units known for their thermal performance are a no-brainer. If yours are under-performing due to age or damage its time to call in Glass Express expert service.

indy-glass-repair-2Emergency Service 24/7

We all know accidents happen, and rarely do they happen at a convenient time. At Glass Express we’re always open for your emergency window repairs. An emergency is just that, and we will give you the timely attention your home deserves. From natural disasters to unwanted bugs or break-ins, we are always ready to come and provide quality service anytime, night or day.

Custom Glass Projects

This is perhaps one of our favorite ways to serve our customers. The custom glass projects offer us a chance to really shine. Getting involved in design, watching a custom window or glass piece come to life, and installing something unique brings both us and our customers great joy.

Working with windows day in and day out, the people of Glass Express can’t help but be transparent. The 32 year commitment we’ve had to glass in Indianapolis is apparent in the work we do. As they say in windows, “Quality shines through.” Recipient of the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award, give Glass Express a call for all your window needs.

Stained Glass Windows at Home

If you’ve spent time in a museum or holy place lately, you have probably encountered a stained glass window. These beautiful light catching pieces of wall art elevate the mind to consider their subjects. If I asked you to name one or two famous stained glass windows, chances are you could come up with one. This form of art has been a part of society since before the Middle Ages. helping generations of people remember the story of the past. While it may be that the term “stained glass window” makes you think of a church, a well placed stained glass can and should be used at home. Here’s why:

  • Colored glass.  The rich colored glass of a stained window draws the eye. A stained glass window can work overtime for a room in need of color depth.  Colored glass is subtle and soft, all the while being unique, dramatic, and sometimes unexpected. When a room is in need of more than a splash of color, make a statement with a stained glass window.

  • Play with light.  If you’re the kind of person that watches the light falls across your room and the changes in wall shades from noon to night, stained glass is a great decorating medium for you. Not only the color, but the bends in the edge of the glass create reflections and patterns that can make any room feel more alive and new.

  • Details in pattern or picture.  Is there something that a stained glass window in your home would say about you? In the same way you surround yourself with art, pictures, and photographs that represent who you are, finding a stained glass that says “you” is the perfect compliment to your space.

When stained glass is used at home, it can give character, depth, and color to almost any space. If you’re still not sold on the idea, you can take an existing window and weekend warrior an imposter stained glass DIY project to try window color on for size. It is not permanent, and with a skillful hand it can look great. But, I say, jump right in! Scour a local antique store or flea market for a thrift find, or go to an art gallery for a contemporary window. Either way, consider telling your home’s story by adding an inspired piece of art in stained glass.

Five Things You Should Observe in Your Home Before Getting New Windows

TownhomeWhen the time comes for you to replace your windows, chances are you won’t be going to your local library to do your research. And why would you really? To learn what you need in a new window, the best place to do your research is at home. And I don’t mean looking at the screen of your laptop! The largest determinant of the performance qualities you need in your new window is where you live.

  1. How’s the temperature? If you are living with faulty, inefficient windows, chances are there’s a slight unwanted breeze moving through your home. You may not be aware, but up to 25% of your home’s energy bills may be going out your window. While windows can’t control the climate you live in or the external fluctuations in temperature, they can help to slow down temperature changes with insulation. A properly functioning window offers insulation that can offer both solar control in the hot months and solar heat gain in the cooler ones.

  2. Is your house too noisy, and your kids aren’t to blame? If you are living close to a loud noise source, such as a busy street, a school yard, or even neighbors; you have probably gotten used to unfiltered noise that comes in through your windows. New high performance windows will cut the amount of noise coming in your house by half!
    Busy highway at night

  3. Is your carpet or furniture upholstery faded because of exposure to the sun? Again, you may not have realized it until you took a good look; but chances are you may have sun faded areas in your home. You might even avoid rooms that are too bright. Asking yourselves the right questions can help you to choose the best windows for your space. Window tints are available in all shapes and sizes. Large sliders are a great candidate for window tinting.

  4. Do you avoid a space in your home because it’s too dark? Do you have a room that just naturally makes you a little crankier while another seems to bring a skip to your step? The truth is humans act and perform better in spaces with adequate natural light. As a matter of fact, those spaces are also easier to decorate. So, while you’re considering windows don’t rule out the option of going all the way! Enlarge a window you already have or put one in right where it will light up the room.

  5. Lastly, if you’re not prepared to get all new windows this year, assess which side of your home would most benefit from new windows. Start there! This out of the box thinking allows for new windows, new curb appeal, and the beginning of energy savings. The best way to finish a project is to get it started! Take the home window research assessment and find your home’s window performance needs.

The History of Glass

Ancient Roman Glass Vases

If knowledge is power, which it is, be prepared to put your glass turbo boosters on. Did you realize that glass has been around since 3000 BC? That’s a long time period for the history of glass! Now that wasn’t, of course, the kind of transparent, geothermal treated glass we have on modern homes today, but forms of glass have been used as mediums for life since nearly the beginning of civilizations. The people of Ancient Egypt, yes those folks that brought us the Pyramids, also knew how to make glass. Not surprising really. They were able to formulate a glass that became almost as valuable as jewels. Eventually the art of blowing glass was discovered which made the process much easier and less costly. For the first time, glass was becoming available for to the average villager for the first time. Would you believe, that was still 30 before the birth of Jesus Christ!

For many of us our earliest memories of historical glass might come from episodes of Little House on the Prairie. “Pa, are those windows for our cabin?” But the reality is, humanity has been perfecting the art of glass for much, much longer.

It was within the first four centuries of the Christian Era that transparent glass was seen for the first time. Over the next 1500 years glass would be perfected into mediums from everyday tableware and storage, to exclusive fine crystals, to stained glass art in every color of the rainbow.

Log Cabin

Eventually, the first colonies were created, and glass that didn’t break on the long ride to Jamestown made it to what is now American soil. Still, it took quite a few years for America to have their own glass company. It was toward 1735 that the first American glass company came into existence, and several others followed in the years to come. It wasn’t until the 1850’s that glass was being manufactured as window glass. And that brings us back to that episode of Little House on the Prairie. As it turns out, you may have known more about glass than you realized! Those were some of the earliest windows.

If you’ve gotten a glass education today and are looking at home windows that remind you of Half Pint’s Little House, chances are you might be a bit behind the times. The good people at Glass Express can help you bring your little house and it’s windows to this century.

Let the Sun Shine In – Your Skylight!

It’s right about this time of year that I find myself worshiping the sunshine. While I adore sunlight all year long, it’s in the middle of winter that I find myself, like so many Americans, pining for more of those warming rays. And while many of us travel to distant lands to soak up the sun, this year consider spending some of that vacation money on a new indoor skylight to brighten your home all year long. A well placed skylight can add natural light to the darkest of spaces and might even help give you the skip in your step you need to defeat this winter’s blues.

Adding a skylight to your home might be an easy decision to make because of all of the benefits to you and your home, but the actual business of installing skylights is better left to the professionals. Not unlike the undertaking of installing a new dormer, a skylight needs every consideration made when making a structural change to the exterior of your home. It’s worth mentioning that while a well placed skylight can offer all the benefits of dormer and is about half the cost. Still, every consideration must be made to make sure you are satisfied with your skylight for years to come.

The average big box store shopper might assume because he or she has installed a window, they would be able to install a skylight as well. It is a common mistake to think of windows and skylights as synonymous. The skylight is a much different beast than the window. The slope of your roof, the direction and angle the sun hits your home, avoiding damage to the roof and being sure to avoid the risk of leakage, are all considerations that must be made when installing a skylight.

If you are considering the addition of a skylight to add to your homes natural beauty and let more of the outside in, remember the good people at Glass Express in Indianapolis. The guiding hand of a window professional will offer the attention to detail required by a skylight project.

Repairing a Torn Window Screen

Some DIY projects require a special soul to take on. If you’re one of those homeowners who finds that the crisp fall air tends to put a skip in your step and small home improvement projects bring a smile to your face, keep reading. This project, however, is not one that will bring with it a rush that says pride of ownership or the instant public praise of neighbors. As a matter of fact, it might be a little embarrassing, but if your windows aren’t up to par, chances are your window screens aren’t either. Fall is a good time to inspect all of your homes window screens and see if you are in need of repairing a torn window screen.

Fly Screen

You may have seen your neighbors remove and clean their window screens at this time of year. I too, enjoy taking down each screen and giving the exterior of my homes windows a one good last wash before we head into colder weather. I remove the screens too, because I just don’t want to look through that dull grey color if I don’t have to! You’re with me, especially if your windows are older; newer screen material is much lighter than dated ones! But as I remove each screen, I need to inspect it to make sure it’s in good working condition, and if it’s not, now is the time to make the repair. I know you will be tempted to put it off until next Spring, but if you do the project now, come Spring, you’ll be glad you did. As the old adage goes, OHIO. Hmmm. . .?  Yes, OHIO. Only Handle It Once.

Repairing that small hole or tear in a fiberglass or nylon screen only requires a few tools. First cover screen material with a matching material, nylon to nylon etc. Carefully wash your screens before you begin to repair any small holes or tears. After they are completely dry, cut the new screen material you have acquired into a patch just larger than the tear of hole you are trying to cover. Cover the edges of your patch with a thin layer of super adhesive glue. Avoiding finger tips to glue, immediately apply the patch to the screen. Allow the patch to dry and viola, you are ready for next Spring.

Window with light

For screen damage more serious than a small hole or tear, always refer to the professionals. Glass Express is well suited to meet all your larger than DIY status window projects. Don’t let bad screen get you down at the start of this Spring, tackle those unsightly issues now. Until then, rest well knowing you are a DIY man and have not put off until tomorrow what could be done today!

Proper Working Screens- The Key to Fly and Mosquito Control

There’s nothing quite as pesky during the summer months than the common mosquito and his close cousin the fly. While we can gear up and mentally prepare for these troublesome and down right annoying insects when we are outside, it becomes a whole different story when we are inside our home. Your home is your place of refuge, it should be a place of pleasure for you and your loved ones. Home is a place where memories can be made and where your creativity can come to life. None of which is possible if you find yourself constantly bitten by mosquitoes or swatting at flies.

If either of these two insects are a problem in your home, chances are they are making their way in through faulty screens in your doors and windows. The windows are open and they should be! The beautiful summer breezes are here! Along with that breeze the insects of summer are looking for ways to make it into the interior of your home. And although you may not be able to tell with the naked eye, that piece of tape you put over your hole or tear isn’t doing the job.

Window screens, patio screens, screens for doors and sliders, are all potential portals for these pests if not in good working condition. Give Glass Express a call for one of our experienced technicians to come out and give you a competitive quote to repair or replace your damaged screens.

Don’t keep the beautiful breeze out just because of a hole or tear in your screen. Enjoy everything summer has to offer without the annoying bugs. This year have your window and door screens repaired by Glass Express.

IndyCars and Glass Safety

What a race! IndyCar racing is full of excitement. Race Day this year was beautiful and the race went smoothly with a close competition to the checkered flag! I love this time of year in Indy.

You may or may not be surprised to find out that there is no glass used in the anatomy of a IndyCar. So you might be asking yourself, “What do GlassExpress and IndyCars have in common?” The answer is safety. While IndyCars are made to be fast, their number one concern is that they are durable and can withstand the conditions relative to their use. Similarly, the glass replacement project or custom glass piece we provide for your home has glass safety as our top priority.

glass safety

That’s why we use a product focused on glass safety called tempered glass. Also called strengthened glass, this durable surface is created through a chemical or heat treatment whereby it is modified internally to withstand pressures standard glass can’t. When broken, tempered glass fragments into small pieces sometimes called pebbles. Unlike regular glass which is known to shatter into jagged shards on impact, tempered glass breaks in a fragment pattern of blunt pebbles that are made to cling together. This anti-shatter quality is why tempered glass has safety listed as a major advantage.

Unlike IndyCars, this glass is regularly used for side and rear windows of regular cars. Tempered glass has many other commercial and residential uses. Any public setting where there is the risk of accidental impact or vandalism would benefit from tempered glass. From bus stops, to bank teller stations, to shopping malls, tempered glass is everywhere. Applications for a home include; shower doors, table tops, large hanging mirrors, architectural glass doors, and custom shelving units. This versatile and beautiful glass is only limited by the designer’s creativity.

In addition to its unique break pattern, tempered glass is also thermally stable. This means tempered glass is less sensitive to changes in temperature and can withstand high heat, making tempered glass a good choice for places where the sun beats in for several hours a day or as a custom fireplace or cooktop!

So don’t forget to race into Glass Express if window or glass replacement is what your project calls for. Stronger, safer, and thermally stable tempered glass will leave you finishing strong.



Spring Clean – Clean Windows Too!

I don’t know about you, but I love Spring cleaning. I love opening up an overstuffed closet or a cluttered drawer and letting the purge begin. I like looking into dark corners and high spaces that are usually neglected or at least not scrutinized and giving them the deep cleaning attention they deserve. Windows have a tendency to fall into this category of an area of your home that could be overlooked for a season, but all of the sudden the sun is shining a bit more brightly and you notice all the build up they’ve collected now that hibernating season is over. Giving your windows a deep Spring cleaning will make you feel a sense of accomplishment and will leave your house looking great.

clean windows

Rain itself does not make windows dirty. Windows get dirty from dirt. Dirt, pollen, and dust build up on your windows and the rain splatters it around making spots. The best way to clean windows is with lukewarm soapy water and a squeegee. The fewer bubbles the better. Wash the windows and immediately use the squeegee in the top corner pulling down in an S pattern to remove the soapy residue. Clean the squeegee after every swipe with a dry cloth. After removing most of the soap solution, go over the corners of your window with another dry microfiber cloth. It’s best to wash windows on an overcast day. If the sun is too hot, the suds have a tendency to dry quicker than you can clean them off, leaving streak marks.

For those of you who don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, there are professional window cleaners out there. Make the call and schedule an appointment to have the work done for you. If you can afford this route, all the more power to you. For those of you who will be doing the work yourself, set realistic goals. There are a lot of windows in your home. Keeping the workload manageable by deciding to do the inside windows on one occasion and the outside windows on another. Or break up your home by sides, do the entire front of the house windows inside and out, before you move to the sides and rear of your home.

When cleaning your windows this year for Spring, remember there’s nothing like being completely at ease with your living space and even a little proud of what you’ve done to beautify your home. Satisfaction from a job well done is a great feeling. Now’s the time to throw off whatever clings to you and your home from winter and move into a brighter cleaner Spring!