5 Things To Consider Before Getting New Windows


When the time comes for you to replace your windows, chances are you won’t be going to your local library to do your research. And why would you really? To learn what you need in a new window, the best place to do your research is at home. And I don’t mean looking at the screen of your laptop! The largest determinant of the performance qualities you need in your new window is where you live.

  1. How’s the temperature? If you are living with faulty, inefficient windows, chances are there’s a slight unwanted breeze moving through your home. You may not be aware, but up to 25% of your home’s energy bills may be going out your window. While windows can’t control the climate you live in or the external fluctuations in temperature, they can help slow down temperature changes with insulation. A properly functioning window offers insulation that can offer both solar control in the hot months and solar heat gain in the cooler ones.

  2. Is your house too noisy, and your kids aren’t to blame? If you are living close to a loud noise source, such as a busy street, a school yard, or even neighbors; you have probably gotten used to unfiltered noise that comes in through your windows. New high-performance windows will cut the amount of noise coming into your house by half!


  1. Is your carpet or furniture upholstery faded because of exposure to the sun? Again, you may not have realized it until you took a good look; but chances are you may have sun-faded areas in your home. You might even avoid rooms that are too bright. Asking yourselves the right questions can help you to choose the best windows for your space. Window tints are available in all shapes and sizes. Large sliders are a great candidate for window tinting.

  2. Do you avoid a space in your home because it’s too dark? Do you have a room that just naturally makes you a little crankier while another seems to bring a skip to your step? The truth is humans act and perform better in spaces with adequate natural light. As a matter of fact, those spaces are also easier to decorate. So, while you’re considering windows don’t rule out the option of going all the way! Enlarge a window you already have or put one in right where it will light up the room.

  3. Lastly, if you’re not prepared to get all new windows this year, assess which side of your home would most benefit from new windows. Start there! This out-of-the-box thinking allows for new windows, new curb appeal, and the beginning of energy savings. The best way to finish a project is to get it started! Take the home window research assessment and find your home’s window performance needs.