Let the Sun Shine In – Your Skylight!

It’s right about this time of year that I find myself worshiping the sunshine. While I adore sunlight all year long, it’s in the middle of winter that I find myself, like so many Americans, pining for more of those warming rays. And while many of us travel to distant lands to soak up the sun, this year consider spending some of that vacation money on a new indoor skylight to brighten your home all year long. A well-placed skylight can add natural light to the darkest of spaces and might even help give you the skip-in step you need to defeat this winter’s blues.

Adding a skylight to your home might be an easy decision to make because of all of the benefits to you and your home, but the actual business of installing skylights is better left to the professionals. Not unlike the undertaking of installing a new dormer, a skylight needs every consideration made when making a structural change to the exterior of your home. It’s worth mentioning that a well-placed skylight can offer all the benefits of a dormer and is about half the cost. Still, every consideration must be made to make sure you are satisfied with your skylight for years to come.

Skylight window

The average big box store shopper might assume because he or she has installed a window, they would be able to install a skylight as well. It is a common mistake to think of windows and skylights as synonymous. The skylight is a much different beast than the window. The slope of your roof, the direction and angle the sun hits your home, avoiding damage to the roof, and being sure to avoid the risk of leakage, are all considerations that must be made when installing a skylight.

If you are considering the addition of a skylight to add to your home’s natural beauty and let more of the outside in, remember the good people at Glass Express in Indianapolis. The guiding hand of a window professional will offer the attention to detail required by a skylight project.