Proper Working Screens- The Key to Fly and Mosquito Control

There’s nothing quite as pesky during the summer months than the common mosquito and his close cousin the fly. While we can gear up and mentally prepare for these troublesome and down right annoying insects when we are outside, it becomes a whole different story when we are inside our home. Your home is your place of refuge, it should be a place of pleasure for you and your loved ones. Home is a place where memories can be made and where your creativity can come to life. None of which is possible if you find yourself constantly bitten by mosquitoes or swatting at flies.

If either of these two insects are a problem in your home, chances are they are making their way in through faulty screens in your doors and windows. The windows are open and they should be! The beautiful summer breezes are here! Along with that breeze the insects of summer are looking for ways to make it into the interior of your home. And although you may not be able to tell with the naked eye, that piece of tape you put over your hole or tear isn’t doing the job.

Window screens, patio screens, screens for doors and sliders, are all potential portals for these pests if not in good working condition. Give Glass Express a call for one of our experienced technicians to come out and give you a competitive quote to repair or replace your damaged screens.screens
Don’t keep the beautiful breeze out just because of a hole or tear in your screen. Enjoy everything summer has to offer without the annoying bugs. This year have your window and door screens repaired by Glass Express.