Use Glass this Spring in Your Home


Spring is a refreshing time of year. From new buds on trees to a dabs of color reaching out of the ground, the earth seems to express compassion on us all after the long dead winter, and our environment reflects life again. We too begin to spruce things up at this time of year. We give our space a good deep cleaning and begin to look for ways to refresh where we live. Use glass this Spring for a wonderful reflecting power to create a brighter, more illuminating and comfortable feel in your home.

Glass is one of the oldest mediums used to decorate a home. Long before the American pioneers were using glass in windows of homes, ancient civilizations had created glass structures to beautify their homes. Glass has long been recognized as a valuable aesthetic for any space. Because it’s so versatile, it’s not hard to see why glass is still a prominent feature in modern home decoration.

Beautiful-Tempered-Glass-Stairs-945x708Glass can be paired with any other medium. Coupled with metal for a more industrial look or wood and leather for a more traditional setting, glass always reflects the style you surround it with. Glass, of course, can be used in the interior or exterior of your home. Think outside the box with glass. When used in nontraditional ways it has its biggest impact. While glass table tops and glass backsplashes are always beautiful, daring glass railings on staircases and glass wall features can have an visual impact that visitors will never forget.

As you begin to think of ways to give your home new life this spring, don’t forget the use of decorative glass to beautify and inspire your living space. Glass is so much more than a window. Remember to use glass beyond the bathroom and kitchen. A customized accent glass piece may be just what your living room or office needs to make this a season you won’t soon forget!