Let’s Talk Custom Glass

Are you ready for an upgrade? If you’ve noticed your decor hasn’t changed for years, try spicing it up this holiday season. Incorporating custom glass into your living space can lighten any room while adding a modern touch. See the different ways you can bring custom glass into your home.
Backdoor Glass Doors

French Doors

If you are really looking to change the feel of a room, you should consider adding french doors. They add a romantic, whimsical feel that can leave a dramatic impact on the living space. French doors will also allow more light to reach your room which can lift anyone’s mood!


Not only can mirrors be a design piece for your room, they can actually make a room appear larger. This is a great trick for small living spaces. Make your mirror suite your personality with a custom design that is unique to you.

Purple Curtains in living room

Glass Table

Replace your current coffee table with a glass table to give the illusion of more space. You can make a DIY table or get a custom design. If you’re not ready to replace your current table, consider adding a glass top to preserve the condition and allow for easy maintenance.



Are you looking for a space to display all your family pictures and belongings? Try adding shelves to a bare wall. Glass shelves put a unique spin to the traditional shelves.


There are so many fun ways to add glass to your decor. You can use old windows and create a DIY picture frame or wall art.

There are so many fun ways to bring custom glass into you home. So how are you going to change up your living space this season? Contact your experts at GLass Express to start this season off right!

Spice up your Fall with Decorative Glass


Fall leafs

Summer’s out and Fall’s in. Now that a new season has arrived, it is time to spice up your home with decorative glass. There are so many fun ways to incorporate glass into your home, from a simple glass separator to glass floors.

Glass tabletop

Glass Tabletops 

Add a glass table to any room to instantly brighten it up. Glass tables can be easy to clean and they add a modern touch to your room. There are many ways you can get creative with glass table tops, from textures, size and colors.

Glass Floors

If you are ready to take your decorative glass to the next level, add glass floors to your home. This feature will leave any house guest in awe. This is especially neat when the glass floors opens up to a wine cellar.


Sky light

One of the best ways to allow natural light into a room is with a sky light. The natural light can warm a room, and instantly make a room feel larger. Sky lights are especially effective in a bedroom or nook. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars!

Glass Separator

A glass separator allows rooms to be separate while remaining connected. Rooms can still flow nicely together, but the room can have its own design. Glass separators are great for dividing family rooms from other busy living spaces in your home.


Does your rooms feel small and stuffy? For a quick fix, add a large mirror. Mirrors can create an illusion that makes smaller rooms appear larger. They also reflect light and can showcase artwork that is hanging in your home.

There are so many ways to bring glass into your home, how are you going to spice up this Fall? Contact your experts at Glass Express to start this season off right!

Stained Glass Windows at Home

If you’ve spent time in a museum or holy place lately, you have probably encountered a stained glass window. These beautiful light catching pieces of wall art elevate the mind to consider their subjects. If I asked you to name one or two famous stained glass windows, chances are you could come up with one. This form of art has been a part of society since before the Middle Ages. helping generations of people remember the story of the past. While it may be that the term “stained glass window” makes you think of a church, a well placed stained glass can and should be used at home. Here’s why:

  • Colored glass.  The rich colored glass of a stained window draws the eye. A stained glass window can work overtime for a room in need of color depth.  Colored glass is subtle and soft, all the while being unique, dramatic, and sometimes unexpected. When a room is in need of more than a splash of color, make a statement with a stained glass window.

  • Play with light.  If you’re the kind of person that watches the light falls across your room and the changes in wall shades from noon to night, stained glass is a great decorating medium for you. Not only the color, but the bends in the edge of the glass create reflections and patterns that can make any room feel more alive and new.

  • Details in pattern or picture.  Is there something that a stained glass window in your home would say about you? In the same way you surround yourself with art, pictures, and photographs that represent who you are, finding a stained glass that says “you” is the perfect compliment to your space.

When stained glass is used at home, it can give character, depth, and color to almost any space. If you’re still not sold on the idea, you can take an existing window and weekend warrior an imposter stained glass DIY project to try window color on for size. It is not permanent, and with a skillful hand it can look great. But, I say, jump right in! Scour a local antique store or flea market for a thrift find, or go to an art gallery for a contemporary window. Either way, consider telling your home’s story by adding an inspired piece of art in stained glass.

Use Glass this Spring in Your Home


Spring is a refreshing time of year. From new buds on trees to a dabs of color reaching out of the ground, the earth seems to express compassion on us all after the long dead winter, and our environment reflects life again. We too begin to spruce things up at this time of year. We give our space a good deep cleaning and begin to look for ways to refresh where we live. Use glass this Spring for a wonderful reflecting power to create a brighter, more illuminating and comfortable feel in your home.

Glass is one of the oldest mediums used to decorate a home. Long before the American pioneers were using glass in windows of homes, ancient civilizations had created glass structures to beautify their homes. Glass has long been recognized as a valuable aesthetic for any space. Because it’s so versatile, it’s not hard to see why glass is still a prominent feature in modern home decoration.

Beautiful-Tempered-Glass-Stairs-945x708Glass can be paired with any other medium. Coupled with metal for a more industrial look or wood and leather for a more traditional setting, glass always reflects the style you surround it with. Glass, of course, can be used in the interior or exterior of your home. Think outside the box with glass. When used in nontraditional ways it has its biggest impact. While glass table tops and glass backsplashes are always beautiful, daring glass railings on staircases and glass wall features can have an visual impact that visitors will never forget.

As you begin to think of ways to give your home new life this spring, don’t forget the use of decorative glass to beautify and inspire your living space. Glass is so much more than a window. Remember to use glass beyond the bathroom and kitchen. A customized accent glass piece may be just what your living room or office needs to make this a season you won’t soon forget!

Glass and the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial

Last fall I had the opportunity to go to New York City and visit the Museum of Modern Art, lovingly known as MoMa. One of the most striking takeaways about MoMa and NYC together, was how aware I became of the fact that everything seems to copy an original piece of art or architecture. Art in all forms copies nature at some level, but those of us who are starving for design in our homes often draw inspiration from the art and architecture around us. Indianapolis is a great place to find statues and monuments as art to imitate in your home. As a matter of fact, Indy is second only to Washington D.C. in the number of monuments in one city!

One piece in Indianapolis that might inspire great home design is the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial. Located on the north bank of the Canal in White River State Park, the Medal of Honor Memorial is a symphony of glass, light, and sound that celebrate the valor of its recipients. The inspiration for the monument was received after the chairman of Indianapolis Power and Light read an article in the New York Times that was written to celebrate the distinction known as Medal of Honor heroes. IPALCO later learned that there was no monument in the US in honor of these courageous individuals.  Moved by the valor of these war heroes and their story, they decided to begin the work that has left Indy with this gorgeous glass monument to enjoy for years to come.


Comprised of 27 curved glass walls, each between 7 and 10 feet tall, the panels are arranged into 15 walls. Each glass wall represents the war conflict in which the Medal of Honor was received.  To visit the memorial at dusk is the greatest pleasure. At that time of day an audio and light presentation accompanies the beautiful glass work of art. Playing on each of your senses, the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial is a monument worthy of the men and women it represents. This is the type of unique dignity we at Glass Express like to bring to each of our custom glass projects. So if you’re considering a custom divider wall, shower enclosure, or glass tabletop give us a call, and we’ll create inspired pieces together.

Custom Glass Mirrors – Decorator’s Dream Tool

Whether you’re the type of homeowner that is aware of every aesthetically pleasing nuance of your home’s space and decorates to the detail or you have a more hands off approach to decorating with a ‘show me what works’ attitude, having mirrors in your space is a must. Custom glass mirrors are a dynamic tool that tends to give much more than they get. A well placed mirror gets lots of attention without us even noticing that it’s there or much less working overtime for our pleasure. A mirror can brighten, elongate, give depth to, or show off any space in need of a little help.


Certain mirrors are made to be looked in. Checking to see how you look is an everyday part of our lives. Having the right mirror in practical spaces of self-reflection defines the room as much as it decorates it. The bathroom, for instance, needs one or two pragmatic mirrors, each with a different purpose for inspection. Do not be afraid to go big. A large custom mirror in a small space works. In this case, the more of yourself you see, the better you’re bound to look.


If you’ve just spent a good deal on a showcase piece of furniture or even a piece of art, placing a mirror on the opposing wall is an excellent way to reflect the piece giving it even more angles at which to be observed and therefore more importance in the room. Selecting a custom mirror is the best way to ensure all your spatial and aesthetic needs are met.

A well designed custom mirror is one of the best definitions of ‘fashion meets function’ for a home. These versatile masterpieces have the ability to lighten a dark room, broaden a narrow one, or trick the eye into noticing that new piece of art, all the while being art itself. Stop the endless looking for the perfect mirror to go in your home. Contact Glass Express to find out more about creating the mirror that you and your space deserve.

Glass Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Before you begin to deck the halls this season take a good look around your home and take these three easy steps to inventory your use of glass. Utilizing glass decorating as a design element in any room can add transparency and texture, make up for spatial challenges, and offer a visual highlight transforming an old space into something new.

Window Replacement- Holiday

Step one: Wash your windows inside and out. Use mildly soapy warm water and a soft lint free cotton towel. Right now, your windows are probably the largest glass element in your home, make sure they look their best. A clean streak-free window will allow natural light to stream into your home and give you a beautiful view of that bright first snowfall.

Step two: Clean and then assess your use of mirrors. Do you have enough mirrors? Are they doing the most to enhance the fashion as well as function of your room? A well placed wall mirror can add space and light to a small room making it feel brighter and larger. A large room can also benefit from the use of a mirror to create multi-functional spaces in one larger space. Your eyes are drawn to glass. Just like you see a mirror at the end of a long hallway, a mirror at the end of a room draws your eyes towards itself and creates an instant visual traffic pattern.

Step three: Consider adding a glass tabletop to an already existing table. Whether it’s your end table, coffee table, sideboard, or credenza, adding a glass tabletop can make the piece look larger and classier for sure. A glass tabletop works in any season, but now is the perfect time in order to reflect twinkle lights, display a favorite ornament collection or show off anything from a well stocked bar to a holiday village scene.

Taking inventory of your homes major glass elements by using these three easy steps prepares the base layer of your room to move and receive light. So move over Christmas decorations, you’ve been put on the back burner until the major glass elements have been freshened up to make sure your room look good all year long. This way, when you do deck the halls, your house will sparkle like never before!