Weathering the Storm

Storm Damage

Spring in Indiana is the time of year when the leaves grow, the birds return, and also when severe storms tend to strike. High winds can cause damage to homes. From falling trees on the property to even compromising the structure of your home.

Types of Damage

If your windows are shattered or damaged from a storm, it is important to replace them quickly so you can protect yourself and your home from outside elements. It is also important for your privacy. Here are some common types of damage to look for when the storm has passed and you can inspect safely.

Heavy Rain leaking into aged windows can cause structural damage over time.  It is important to regularly check your windows. Make sure your windows have a tight seal, and that it is not drafty. Even without stormy weather present, outside air can enter the home. This can increase your utility costs to heat or cool the home.

Physical damage from a fallen tree or flying debris from heavy winds can be quite obvious with shattered glass and shards present or with cracks at the very least.  Both can present issues with excess moisture and unwanted access from the elements into your home.

Hail damage can also be easily visible with cracks or dents.  The extent of damage can vary based on the severity of the storm and the size of hail.  If you are not sure if your home experienced damage from the storm, you might consider contacting an expert for inspection.

Emergency Service

Severe weather can strike at any time of day or night.  At Glass Express we’re always open for your emergency window repair. Because of natural disasters to human accidents, or from unwanted bugs to break-ins, we are always ready to come and provide quality service anytime night or day.

Insulated Glass Repair

In your home or at your place of business, using insulated glass windows work to your advantage. “Window Energy Ratings” well above the standard paned window make these units known for their excellent thermal performance.  If your windows are under-performing due to age or damage, it’s time to call in Glass Express for expert service and products!

New Year’s Home Resolutions

I’m sure you all are aware of the annual New Year’s resolutions that is the topic of many conversations through the months of December and January. You may have even made some for yourself, whether it be to get to the gym more often or to add more green in your diet. Resolutions are for self improvement, so why not set resolutions for your home to improve the overall look, quality, and potential value. Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions to think about for your home!

Protect your home against the cold weather

Winter weather can take a toll on your home. Make sure your home is prepared for the chilly temperatures. You can do this by sealing up cracks, adding needed insulation, and making sure your windows are up to standard. If window repairs are needed, make sure to get them repaired before it’s too late. Call the experts at Glass Express for all your window repair needs.

Get rid of clutter

This is one we all often dread. We find ourselves always saying “but what if I need this one day.” Take the time to decide what you really need and what you could get rid of. Even take the time to donate unwanted goods to charity. Once your home is free of clutter and chaos, it will look better than ever before!

Redo your kitchen or bathrooms

Updating your kitchen and bathrooms can add an enormous amount of value to a home. At Glass Express, we offer custom countertops to turn a rather dull kitchen into a statement room. As well, we are experts in installing custom mirrors to greatly improve your bathroom.

Become more environmentally conscious

In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more important to be conscious of our environmental footprint. There are a variety of simple ways you can work towards going green. For example, start recycling more. Sign up for your local recycling pick-up, or set out a bin in the garage and take a weekly trip to the recycling center. Other ideas include: take shorter showers, fix dripping faucets, purchase energy efficient light bulbs, and turn down your home’s thermostat.

Ensure a safe home

If you don’t already, make sure to purchase a carbon monoxide detector. If you do, make sure to replace the batteries with new ones as well as those in your fire detectors. If you have a chimney, make sure to get it inspected and cleaned. If you have an older home, it would be a good idea to test for lead paint which can cause serious harm.

Don’t neglect your house when going into the new year. Along with your own, set reasonable resolutions for your home to improve safety and value. Call the experts at Glass Express today for a FREE quote on all your window improvement needs!

Truth About Replacing Your Windows and Doors

The Truth About Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

We’ve all heard about the benefits of replacing your windows and doors with energy efficient ones. For some of you, hearing about the benefits and savings was enough to make you invest in purchasing energy efficient windows and doors. For others, you may need more to be convinced. Well we have you covered. Glass Express Inc. came across an article in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine that debunks the myths of energy efficient products.

Myth #1 – Replacing your windows and doors won’t really save that much energy

The Truth – Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones can save a significant amount of energy. In reports published by the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2006, it was stated that if half the homes using single-pane windows in the U.S. upgraded to energy-efficient ones, approximately 20 million BTUs would be saved per year.

Myth #2 – Changing your windows and doors will cost more money than it will save

The Truth – Replacing the windows and doors of your home is an investment. However, it’s a worthwhile investment. Recovery of this investment in home value and energy savings is dependent upon the length of time you stay in your home after the replacement. Energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Myth #3 – It’s better to repair windows and doors than replace them. Repairs are less expensive and can make the windows and doors energy-efficient.

The Truth – If the repair is not quick and easy, then replacing your windows and doors is a better option.When you replace a window or door, you have the ability to choose from different style and energy ratings. When repairing a broken door or window, it’s almost impossible to increase its energy efficiency.

To read the full article on the truths of upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors, click here.

How New Windows Increase your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home, or maybe you are just preparing to sell your home in the near future. Either way, investing in new windows can pay off in the long run. They will increase your home’s value and attract buyers.

Do you find yourself asking: “Is new windows worth it before I sell?” The answer is YES! If you have old, run down or damaged windows, replacing them will pay off.

Don’t underestimate the value of new windows when you are getting your home ready to sell.

Increase Your Asking Price

There is no better reason for replacing your windows then increasing the asking price! You can make a reasonably high return on your investment. New windows will increase the home’s value which will allow you to increase the asking price.

Spend Less Time on the Market

Old damage windows do not go unnoticed, and they can turn potential homebuyers away. New windows is one less excuse a homebuyer will have to not purchase your home! If your windows are noticeably damaged, a potential buyer will see it as work and money that they will have put into their new home. Don’t give them a reason not to purchase your home.

Decrease Your Energy Bill

How about a great selling point and a decreased energy bill until you sell? New windows will drop your energy bill letting you save on your energy bill while your house is on the market. Plus, this is a great selling point!

Increase Home’s Appearance

Upgraded windows can give the interior AND exterior a major facelift. When it comes to purchasing a home, looks do matter. New windows will give your home a new, modernized appearance.

new windows

Looking to get your home ready to sell? Talk to your experts at Glass Express today to update your windows!

Keep Out the Noise this Summer with Double Paned Windows

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about the double paned window. But are they really worth all the hype and investment? Let’s look at the pros and cons of double paned windows.

For starters, what is a double paned window anyway? It is where two window panes are separated by a vacuumed space. This allows for noise reduction, saved money and energy.

Double Paned Window icon

Pros of the Double Paned Window

Energy Efficient

The summer is here, and so is the heat! With temperatures reaching 90 degrees here in Indianapolis, you probably want to keep your air conditioner running…but at the same time you don’t want to waste your money. Double paned windows can trap reduce the amount of airflow and save you money during the summer and winter months.

Melting ice cream

Noise Reduction

The kids are home for the summer, and they are not quite! Are you trying to sleep at night, when you suddenly hear a group of teenagers rumbling around outside? Or even worse, you hear your own kids causing ruckus? If this occurs all to often this summer, consider double paned windows.

Go Green

Not only can double paned windows save you money, they can also help the environment. It’s a win-win for you and planet earth. By reducing energy, you are also creating less greenhouse gas emissions.

Go Green house made of leafs

Cons of the Double Paned Window

When it comes to double paned windows, there are not too many downsides. Just be prepared to make in investment, but you will see positive results.


Although installing new windows can save you money in the long run, it can be a big upfront investment. Not to mention, in order to see the positive effects of double paned windows, you will need to replace all your windows, not just one.

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, talk to your experts at Glass Express today and they can tell you why double paned windows might be the best option for you!

All You Need to Know About Basement Windows

Basement Windows

Generally, basement windows are not known to be aesthetically pleasing, but that does not mean they need to scare your guests away! Windows can turn your basement from a storage room to an additional living space. Learn all you need to know before letting the light shine in your once dark, unlivable basement.

Basement Window Considerations

Improper installation can cause serious issues for your home. Make sure you discuss these three elements with a professional before choosing your basement windows.  

Water Level

It is all too common for basements to flood. This can cause a lot of hassle, money, and even lead to mold. Therefore, it becomes imperative that your windows are installed with a tight seal and do not let in water.



When you install windows in the basement, you do not want to worry about a burglar breaking in! There are different approaches to avoid a break in such as glass bricks, a window lock, or installing a cross brace. The extra precautions can give you and your family peace at mind.

Cold Air

The same thing you learned in elementary still applies…heat rises. So it makes sense that the basement is the coldest room in the house, and improper window installation can increase the cold air that circulates in your basement.

Different Basement Windows 

There are four major window styles specific to basement windows. Talk to your professional to choose the right option for your home.

Hopper Window

A hopper window is a simple window unit that has a hinge that can be tilted inward or outward. The design is complete with a strong frame and screen on the outside of the window. Generally, the window is wide and short.

Slider Window

Slider basement windows

Like a typical sliding door, a slider window opens by sliding one side over. Sliding windows are usually expensive and larger.

Casement Window

Casement windows typically are in basements that show more of the basement above ground. They are taller than wide, and open outwards.

Awning Window  

Awning windows swing open from the bottom, and the screens are placed inside the window frame. This is generally the most expensive option and they are used for larger basements.

Now that you know what style and considerations to look out for, talk to your experts at Glass Express about your basement window options.

Bring on the Sunshine! — Window Glass Replacement

Beautiful orange and yellow sunrise

With the cold [extended] winter coming to an end, we have sunshine to look forward to! In Indianapolis you have to soak up as much sun as possible while it is still here. When you cannot be outside to enjoy the warm weather, let the sun shine into your home! Check out these simple changes that can brighten any room.

Window Glass Replacement

When cleaning is not going to do the job, window glass replacement might be your best option. Replacing your old windows can give you an opportunity to choose a design that allows more light into a room. The experts at Glass Express can help you find the perfect windows that bring in the most light for your room.

Glass Doors

Replace your current doors with glass panel doors. Not only can interior glass doors allow more sun in, they can also make a room appear larger. Glass doors make great back doors and room dividers for any home.

Backdoor Glass Doors

Stain Glass

If you really want to take advantage of the sun, add some stain glass windows. The stain glass will capture the sun rays and create beautiful reflections in your room. 

Reading Nook

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch with a good book and letting the sun shine in? If this sounds like a small piece of heaven to you, consider adding a reading nook near a panel of windows. Have fun with the design and let your reading nook reflect your personality.

Reading nook

Clean Current Windows

Sometimes all your windows need is a good scrub. Don’t go the whole summer with dirty windows, instead use these window cleaning tips to let the sun shine into your room.  
If you’re ready to let the sun shine in, talk to your experts at Glass Express today!

Time to Update Your Glass Indianapolis!

With Spring cleaning just around the corner, it’s in with the new and out with the old. That means it is time to update your glass Indianapolis! You can do simple fixes to give your window treatments a facelift. Check out these 4 tips to make your windows better than new.

Update your curtains

Have you had your curtains as long as you lived in your home? If so it’s probably time for an update. Curtains can be a fun way to express your style and creativity in a room. This is one of the simplest ways to update your windows on a budget. Check out these simple curtain tips before you start. 

Purple Curtains in living room

Add some paint

If the paint is chipping around the exterior of your windows, a new coat of paint will add new life. Make sure to properly prep the area and choose a color that will complement your landscape and exterior house color. One way to ensure you are choosing a complementary color is to match your window frame to your front door.  

Replace the frame

Is the frame in the interior or exterior looking like it could use some help? Replacing the window frame can have dramatic effects to the overall look of a room. Make sure you are consulting an expert before replacing your window frames.

Rotting window frame

New windows

Sometimes new paint or curtains just cannot help your windows. In this case it might be time for window replacements. Replacing your windows can reduce cost through energy efficiency, add curb appeal, allow more light to enter a room and more. Talk to your experts at Glass Express if you think new windows is the right move for you.

Let’s add more curb appeal to the streets by updating our glass Indianapolis! Simple fixes can go a long way, so make sure updating windows is on your Spring cleaning list this year. Call your experts at Glass Express for your next glass replacement!

New Year New Windows

2016 written on a chalkboard

It’s that time of year again…time to embrace your New Year’s resolutions to be a better you. While you typically think of resolutions as improving your health, finances or getting organized, try out something new for 2016, update your home and decrease your energy bill (which can also help your financial resolution).

New windows can kickstart your 2016 and leave you with lower energy bills, more light, and updated design. Check out why new windows should be on your 2016 resolution list.

Lower Energy Cost

If saving more and spending less is one of your resolutions, then getting new windows can help you reach your goal. Insulated windows keep extreme temperatures outside which reduces adjustments to your heating and cooling system.


Natural light can drastically change any room in your home. Newer windows have larger glass to allow more light into your home and can make your home appear brighter, more welcoming, and comfortable.

Modern window creating natural light

Updated Design

Not only can new windows bring in more natural light to change a room, they can also update your home to fit your particular style. Windows can be a great, simple way to add a facelift to your home.

Noise Reduction

Do you have loud neighbors, or live next to a busy street? If the noise outside is keeping you up at night consider replacement windows to reduce outside noise.

Although new windows is not what you typically think of when you make your New Year’s resolutions, they can be a great way to start your year and help meet your other resolutions along the way. Call your experts at Glass Express to get started today!

Window Restoration or Window Replacement?

After the holiday season you may want to save money wherever possible, or maybe you just have beautiful windows that you are not ready to part from. Either way, window restoration can be a viable option when updating your home. Before you dive into your next project, ask yourself these questions to know if it is the best option to restore or replace.

Are your windows rotting or sashed?

Rotting or sashed windows can be a challenge to repair, and may take a professional. If you want to proceed with repairing your old windows, be prepared for extra costs. If the wooden frame is falling apart or rotting, you may want to consider replacing your windows. Check for sticking sashes, condensation, and rotting frames and talk to a professional to determine if restoration or replacement is your best option.


Are you windows energy efficient?

It is a common misconception that replacement windows will be more energy efficient. Where this may be true, you can also restore your windows to be more energy efficient. According to Window Restoration and Repair, the difference between upgrading and restoring your windows is so small that your decision should not be solely based on energy considerations.

Are they Historic Windows?

Windows can be an instrumental part of your home’s design. Also, if you live in a historic preservation district, make sure to check if you are able to replace your windows before you proceed with a project. You might have no other option but repair your windows.


How old are your windows?

Are your windows 30+ years old? If so, you might want to consider replacing your windows. The maintenance required for older windows may take more energy than they are worth.

If you are still not sure if you want to replace or restore your windows call your experts at Glass Express!