Fall Window Replacement

As the leaves begin to fall and colder winds start to blow, Autumn is a perfect time of year to analyze your homes window repair needs. Almost one third of a home’s heat loss finds it’s way outdoors through a home’s windows. While Glass Express is always there for your emergency window repairs such as an errant football, or heaven forbid, a break-in, there are also several reasons to consider replacing some or all of your windows before the winter weather sets in.


Drafty, Rattling, Thin Windows

Drafty around your place? That annoying breeze is likely to be the result of faulty, old windows. If you’ve noticed that over the years your windows are no longer the sound barrier that they once were, chances are they are not only allowing in unwanted noise but are also letting unwanted air inside.

Cracked or Chipped Windows

You also may have a draft due to an existing crack in your window. Although they appear to be thin, cracks are no longer keeping the elements of weather out of your home. Moisture and air are entering your home. Even chipped glass is risk to your home. Not only does that window allow air to come through, it is also more likely to break which opens the door to an unintended injury. Chipped or cracked windows are costing you additional money each month in the form of heating and cooling, but may be the result of new gaps around the seal of the window that are also invitations to unwanted bugs.

Bad Seals or Rotten Panes

Many good houses were built with materials that were once top of the line but are not outdated. Weather beaten and worn window seal and panes are another good reason to consider window replacement.

Examine your home’s windows from the inside and exterior of your home. Call Glass Express for a professional, thorough inspection to consider the condition of your current windows and your window repair or replacement options.

Window repair or replacement will save you valuable time and money and leave you ready for winter warmer, safer and satisfied.