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Mirrors are not just designed to allow you to look at yourself. Mirrors make your rooms feel bigger. It tricks your mind into thinking that the walls of the room continue on, when in reality they are just sheets of glass.

If you run a gym or workout facility, mirrors are important to creating an environment that feels open even inviting. Dance studios use mirrors to allow dancers to see their form. In a home custom mirrors allow you to make your home feel bigger and more inviting.

No matter your custom mirror requirements, Glass Express understands how mirrors can make your home or business more inviting. We’ve installed many custom mirrors and have the experience in design and implementation to make your vision a reality.

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Where can I use custom mirrors? 

Custom mirror glass is versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your residential or professional space, mirrors offer a clean and modern solution. 

Gyms and Fitness Facilities: Gyms and other fitness facilities are prime candidates for the incorporation of custom mirrors. Mirrors are an important tool in these environments, enabling individuals to observe their form and surroundings while performing workouts. Beyond their practical function, custom mirrors can be integrated to add a sense of spaciousness, enhancing the open ambiance to the space. 

Dance Studios: Custom mirrors are advantageous for dance studios as well. It is imperative to have mirrors that are tailored to the space, as they play a crucial role in enabling dancers to observe and refine their technique, ultimately elevating their overall performance.

Retail Establishments: Custom mirrors can be a valuable asset for retail establishments seeking to elevate the customer shopping experience, particularly in settings with limited space. Thoughtfully positioned mirrors have the potential to cultivate a more engaging retail environment, strategically showcasing products and enticing customers to explore the space.

Hotels, Restaurants, & Bars: Within the realm of hospitality, custom mirrors can become integral components of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The strategic placement of mirrors serves to infuse a touch of sophistication, establish a feeling of opulence, and enhance the overall atmosphere in these venues. Tailoring a custom mirror and mirror frame to align with the establishment’s theme and decor contributes significantly to creating a memorable and immersive experience for patrons.

Homes: Within residential spaces, custom mirrors can be installed in various areas to maximize their impact. In living rooms, expansive mirrors generate the optical illusion of increased square footage, fostering an open and breezy ambiance. Bedrooms benefit from the practicality of custom mirrors within closets, simultaneously contributing to an expansive feeling. Entryways, hallways, and dining areas can be enhanced with custom mirrors to amplify natural light and establish a more inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, bathrooms can undergo a touch of sophistication by installing custom mirrors, replacing traditional framed bathroom mirrors and elevating the overall aesthetic. 

The application of custom mirrors extends across diverse businesses and residential spaces. Glass Express offers a seamless and professional installation process for all of your custom mirror needs. Contact us today and refine your spaces!

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