Spice up your Fall with Decorative Glass

Fall leafs

Summer’s out and Fall’s in. Now that a new season has arrived, it is time to spice up your home with decorative glass. There are so many fun ways to incorporate glass into your home, from a simple glass separator to glass floors.

Glass tabletop

Glass Tabletops 

Add a glass table to any room to instantly brighten it up. Glass tables can be easy to clean and they add a modern touch to your room. There are many ways you can get creative with glass table tops, from textures, size and colors.

Glass Floors

If you are ready to take your decorative glass to the next level, add glass floors to your home. This feature will leave any house guest in awe. This is especially neat when the glass floors opens up to a wine cellar.


Sky light

One of the best ways to allow natural light into a room is with a sky light. The natural light can warm a room, and instantly make a room feel larger. Sky lights are especially effective in a bedroom or nook. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars!

Glass Separator

A glass separator allows rooms to be separate while remaining connected. Rooms can still flow nicely together, but the room can have its own design. Glass separators are great for dividing family rooms from other busy living spaces in your home.


Does your rooms feel small and stuffy? For a quick fix, add a large mirror. Mirrors can create an illusion that makes smaller rooms appear larger. They also reflect light and can showcase artwork that is hanging in your home.

There are so many ways to bring glass into your home, how are you going to spice up this Fall? Contact your experts at Glass Express to start this season off right!