Let’s Talk Custom Glass

Are you ready for an upgrade? If you’ve noticed your decor hasn’t changed for years, try spicing it up this holiday season. Incorporating custom glass into your living space can lighten any room while adding a modern touch. See the different ways you can bring custom glass into your home.

Backdoor Glass Doors

French Doors

If you are really looking to change the feel of a room, you should consider adding french doors. They add a romantic, whimsical feel that can leave a dramatic impact on the living space. French doors will also allow more light to reach your room which can lift anyone’s mood!


Not only can mirrors be a design piece for your room, but they can actually make a room appear larger. This is a great trick for small living spaces. Make your mirror suit your personality with a custom design that is unique to you.

Purple Curtains in living room

Glass Table

Replace your current coffee table with a glass table to give the illusion of more space. You can make a DIY table or get a custom design. If you’re not ready to replace your current table, consider adding a glass top to preserve the condition and allow for easy maintenance.



Are you looking for a space to display all your family pictures and belongings? Try adding shelves to a bare wall. Glass shelves put a unique spin on the traditional shelves.


There are so many fun ways to add glass to your decor. You can use old windows and create a DIY picture frame or wall art.

There are so many fun ways to bring custom glass into your home. So how are you going to change up your living space this season? Contact your experts at Glass Express to start this season off right!