Window Replacement Adds Value

For the last few weeks my neighborhood has been a hub of professional home improvement projects. At least six homes within walking distance of mine have undergone some pretty major makeovers. Seeing this kind of activity gets me really excited.  You might be asking yourself, why I would be excited about someone else getting their house updated all the while mine remains the same.  When neighbors improve their home it increases my home’s value, plain and simple.  Not only do they benefit from the work they are doing, but so do my neighbors and I, so does the whole city actually!

 Whether the national housing prices are rising or falling, the right home improvement projects will help a home to hold its value in any market. One of the more financially rewarding projects a homeowner can do is replace dated and worn out windows. Old, damaged and inefficient windows can allow as much as 24% of your home’s total energy bills,well, out the window. Replacing your windows will cut the costs of heating and cooling your home, saving you money.   But the buck doesn’t stop there.  Here are some reasons improvement in windows pay off.

 Improvements in windows can create space.  Space is a commodity in a home that will never go out of style.  Along those same lines, new windows increase the light in a home. Natural light’s appeal can take the harshest of spaces and bring a serene calm that invites people in and makes a home a place you want to stay. It’s as organic of a product that you’ll ever find and it too never goes out of style. And lastly, home buyers say that overall care and maintenance are the second most important quality they look for when shopping for a new home.  Unlike people, a home can get second and third chance making a first impression.  As a matter of fact, it can be made new.

 Whether you are planning to put your house on the market soon or live there for the long haul, create a plan this winter season to dive into a project that will hold its value in the long run and consider new windows for your home. People you’ve known for years will stop over and act as if they are seeing your house for the first time.  You’ll be glad you made the improvements and your neighbors will too!