New Year’s Resolution – Saving for Windows

Every major home renovation project has to have a well-thought-through financial plan.  We know that you’ve been thinking about, designing and redesigning that new custom window. We also understand that most folks can’t make a spontaneous decision to get all new windows and we don’t want to see our customers in a financial lurch when the need arises. That’s why at Glass Express we are constantly reminding our readers to evaluate their style and windows from the inside and out on an ongoing basis. We are going to teach you important tips for saving for windows.


Just like your car needs to be serviced in order to stay in good running condition all year long, your home’s windows need looking after.  If your home didn’t stand up to the harsh temperatures we’ve experienced of late, your old windows are most likely a big part of the problem. Up to 18% of the heat you’re pumping in your home is being lost out of those old windows. New insulated glass that exceeds up-to-date efficiency standards would bring new warmth to your home in more ways than one. In order to reduce the cost of heating your home at peak energy usage times like the ones the New Year has brought our way, take the next step toward new replacement windows.

Although the emergency window replacement job can and will pop up, and we are here to service every need, we hope that you will make this year the year that you commit yourselves to making the long-term financial plan that will allow you to get those new windows and enjoy them for years to come. By starting a plan now, you are allowing yourself to dream big and get that custom window design you’ve always wanted. We encourage your plan, share your optimism, and want to partner with you. Here’s to a great year and new beautiful windows!