Get New Glass for Your Home Sweet Home

About a week ago, it seemed half of the population of Indiana was considering giving up everything familiar and relocating to a warmer climate. Today, I heard that this winter has psychologically been one of the most miserable on record, which doesn’t come as a great surprise, but is still depressing to consider. At Glass Express, as we see it, Spring offers us a choice, and we’d like to begin Spring with a “the glass is half full” attitude. After all, what has this winter given us if not a terrific reason to celebrate Spring with gusto! It’s been a long, hard winter for you and your home but moving away isn’t the answer. Shake off those winter blues, get outside, and do something that will improve the way you feel about yourself and where you live. Get new Glass!


All New Windows

If this is the year for you to replace those older, worn out windows for new, energy efficient ones, contact us so one of our professionals can come out and assist you through our low-hassle replacement process.

Replace a Few Windows or One Level at a Time

Maybe this Spring is the right time for a front facelift or window replacement on the entire drafty upstairs. Glass Express is happy to meet each customer right where they are. We want you to be happy with your project and not to break the bank.

Get the Custom Glass Piece You’ve Always Wanted

Whether that’s a custom shower enclosure, tabletop, or a glass piece only you have thought of before now, give Glass Express a call to discuss your window and glass dreams. Our craftsmen love every part of the creative process, and from design to installation they have your satisfaction in mind.

At the end of a long day you want to pull into a place you call “Home.” No matter whether you live in a one bedroom bungalow or a multi-bath mansion, creating a personal space that  makes us feel like we are the best version of ourselves is important. Take the optimistic approach this Spring and while you’re dreaming of glasses that are half full, call us for new glass!