Dealing with Window Leaks


It’s Spring, and living up to it’s name, we’ve had plenty of showers in the forecast this season. Chances are, with all the rainfall, you’ve once again noticed that long forgotten rotten window pane. Sagging, leaky window panes can cause frustrations beyond extra condensation of the window sill and small puddles of water on the floor.  If left unresolved, failing windows will make an impact on your home and your wallet that might leave you feeling drenched.  In order to avoid the waterfall effect damaged windows can cause to your home and wallet, pay attention to these spring warning signs.

If you are experiencing some condensation on the outside of your window this Spring? That’s normal!  As the air becomes more humid this time of year, it’s natural for our windows to sweat a little.  If you have the air conditioner on in the inside and the warmer, more humid air on the outside, similar to your body, your window can “sweat.”  However, if you are seeing condensation in between your windows’ glass panels or on the inside of your home, you may have window that’s not working properly.

Condensation between the glass panes may indicate a failure of your windows seal system.  If the seals have failed, the space between your window panes is no longer airtight and moisture is getting in. This is especially bothersome in large picture windows or walkway sliders.  It’s good to remember that any window or glass door can be replaced as an individual unit.  You never have to do the whole house, we can find a replacement window that both solves your condensation problem and coordinates well with your existing windows.

Window-leaks-glass-express-2If your window leaks, you have a problem that you need to pay attention to.  Leaky windows may or may not be a problem with your window, and therein lies the problem. While you may have a rotten pane or a sagging window structure, there’s a chance the water culprit is not your home’s window. When there’s a water leak involved, have a professional out to your home to access the situation.


Water damage can run deep, but they don’t have to turn your Spring into a wash. Take caution and act early if you suspect failing windows in your home. Avoid damage to wood structures, your foundation, and the possibility of the dreaded, black MOLD, by giving a window expert a call.  At Glass Express, there’s no charge for good advice.