Weathering the Storm

Storm Damage

Spring in Indiana is the time of year when the leaves grow, the birds return, and also when severe storms tend to strike. High winds can cause damage to homes. From falling trees on the property to even compromising the structure of your home.

Types of Damage

If your windows are shattered or damaged from a storm, it is important to replace them quickly so you can protect yourself and your home from outside elements. It is also important for your privacy. Here are some common types of damage to look for when the storm has passed and you can inspect safely.

Heavy Rain leaking into aged windows can cause structural damage over time.  It is important to regularly check your windows. Make sure your windows have a tight seal, and that it is not drafty. Even without stormy weather present, outside air can enter the home. This can increase your utility costs to heat or cool the home.

Physical damage from a fallen tree or flying debris from heavy winds can be quite obvious with shattered glass and shards present or with cracks at the very least.  Both can present issues with excess moisture and unwanted access from the elements into your home.

Hail damage can also be easily visible with cracks or dents.  The extent of damage can vary based on the severity of the storm and the size of hail.  If you are not sure if your home experienced damage from the storm, you might consider contacting an expert for inspection.

Emergency Service

Severe weather can strike at any time of day or night.  At Glass Express we’re always open for your emergency window repair. Because of natural disasters to human accidents, or from unwanted bugs to break-ins, we are always ready to come and provide quality service anytime night or day.

Insulated Glass Repair

In your home or at your place of business, using insulated glass windows work to your advantage. “Window Energy Ratings” well above the standard paned window make these units known for their excellent thermal performance.  If your windows are under-performing due to age or damage, it’s time to call in Glass Express for expert service and products!

Keep Out the Noise this Summer with Double Paned Windows

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about the double paned window. But are they really worth all the hype and investment? Let’s look at the pros and cons of double paned windows.

For starters, what is a double paned window anyway? It is where two window panes are separated by a vacuumed space. This allows for noise reduction, saved money and energy.

Double Paned Window icon

Pros of the Double Paned Window

Energy Efficient

The summer is here, and so is the heat! With temperatures reaching 90 degrees here in Indianapolis, you probably want to keep your air conditioner running…but at the same time you don’t want to waste your money. Double paned windows can trap reduce the amount of airflow and save you money during the summer and winter months.

Melting ice cream

Noise Reduction

The kids are home for the summer, and they are not quite! Are you trying to sleep at night, when you suddenly hear a group of teenagers rumbling around outside? Or even worse, you hear your own kids causing ruckus? If this occurs all to often this summer, consider double paned windows.

Go Green

Not only can double paned windows save you money, they can also help the environment. It’s a win-win for you and planet earth. By reducing energy, you are also creating less greenhouse gas emissions.

Go Green house made of leafs

Cons of the Double Paned Window

When it comes to double paned windows, there are not too many downsides. Just be prepared to make in investment, but you will see positive results.


Although installing new windows can save you money in the long run, it can be a big upfront investment. Not to mention, in order to see the positive effects of double paned windows, you will need to replace all your windows, not just one.

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, talk to your experts at Glass Express today and they can tell you why double paned windows might be the best option for you!

Time for Glass Repair Indianapolis?

Windows boarded up Glass Repair Indianapolis

If window replacement was not in the budget this year, don’t give up on your windows just yet. Go for glass repair Indianapolis! Simple fixes can become a Sunday DIY project, but bigger fixes should be left to the professionals. Learn when it is better to tackle a window repair alone and when you should call the experts at Glass Express.

Reseal and Cracks

Windows that have cracks or need resealed can be costing you money if not taken care of. Although it may seem like a simple fix to do on your own, it can actually save you money to have it done correctly.

When a window is not airtight, you will notice your energy bills increasing. A professional will insure your windows are properly handled. Not to mentioned, your home will be much more comfortable without drafts sneaking through!


Though most windows are designed to shatter into small pieces, dealing with windows can still raise safety concerns. A professional will know how to properly handle to window fixes, decreasing the chances of a window breaking.

Broken residential window

Time Efficient

Sometimes what seems to be a simple fix can take up an entire afternoon. Your experts at Glass Express handle glass repairs daily, and will quickly be able to repair your windows. Plus, it’s never too late to call Glass Express because the provide 24/7 emergency glass repair Indianapolis service.

Sometimes it pays to know your limits. Although there can be simple fixes, window repair can sometimes be better left off to the experts. Make sure to analyze your glass repair Indianapolis before tackling your next DIY project. Call your experts at Glass Express today!

Window Restoration or Window Replacement?

After the holiday season you may want to save money wherever possible, or maybe you just have beautiful windows that you are not ready to part from. Either way, window restoration can be a viable option when updating your home. Before you dive into your next project, ask yourself these questions to know if it is the best option to restore or replace.

Are your windows rotting or sashed?

Rotting or sashed windows can be a challenge to repair, and may take a professional. If you want to proceed with repairing your old windows, be prepared for extra costs. If the wooden frame is falling apart or rotting, you may want to consider replacing your windows. Check for sticking sashes, condensation, and rotting frames and talk to a professional to determine if restoration or replacement is your best option.


Are you windows energy efficient?

It is a common misconception that replacement windows will be more energy efficient. Where this may be true, you can also restore your windows to be more energy efficient. According to Window Restoration and Repair, the difference between upgrading and restoring your windows is so small that your decision should not be solely based on energy considerations.

Are they Historic Windows?

Windows can be an instrumental part of your home’s design. Also, if you live in a historic preservation district, make sure to check if you are able to replace your windows before you proceed with a project. You might have no other option but repair your windows.


How old are your windows?

Are your windows 30+ years old? If so, you might want to consider replacing your windows. The maintenance required for older windows may take more energy than they are worth.

If you are still not sure if you want to replace or restore your windows call your experts at Glass Express!

Window Replacement Adds Value

For the last few weeks my neighborhood has been a hub of professional home improvement projects. At least six homes within walking distance of mine have undergone some pretty major makeovers. Seeing this kind of activity gets me really excited.  You might be asking yourself, why I would be excited about someone else getting their house updated all the while mine remains the same.  When neighbors improve their home it increases my home’s value, plain and simple.  Not only do they benefit from the work they are doing, but so do my neighbors and I, so does the whole city actually!

 Whether the national housing prices are rising or falling, the right home improvement projects will help a home to hold its value in any market. One of the more financially rewarding projects a homeowner can do is replace dated and worn out windows. Old, damaged and inefficient windows can allow as much as 24% of your home’s total energy bills,well, out the window. Replacing your windows will cut the costs of heating and cooling your home, saving you money.   But the buck doesn’t stop there.  Here are some reasons improvement in windows pay off.

 Improvements in windows can create space.  Space is a commodity in a home that will never go out of style.  Along those same lines, new windows increase the light in a home. Natural light’s appeal can take the harshest of spaces and bring a serene calm that invites people in and makes a home a place you want to stay. It’s as organic of a product that you’ll ever find and it too never goes out of style. And lastly, home buyers say that overall care and maintenance are the second most important quality they look for when shopping for a new home.  Unlike people, a home can get second and third chance making a first impression.  As a matter of fact, it can be made new.

 Whether you are planning to put your house on the market soon or live there for the long haul, create a plan this winter season to dive into a project that will hold its value in the long run and consider new windows for your home. People you’ve known for years will stop over and act as if they are seeing your house for the first time.  You’ll be glad you made the improvements and your neighbors will too!

Are You a Candidate for Window Replacement?


There’s a reason late summer and early fall are most people’s favorite time of the year, it’s gorgeous outside! It’s so great outside right now, many of us are inclined to let a little of the outside in. We’re washing the windows and opening them up to make sure the sunlight pours in and the breeze flows through! For those with high quality windows, this exercise brings pure joy. For those of you with one or more of the following problems, this exercise might be a source of frustration and further indication of the fact that you might be a candidate for window replacement or repair. If. . .

  • Your windows don’t open or close properly. Other than being a complete pain when you want to adjust them, this problem leads to other more dramatic performance problems. Windows that do not open and close properly are not keeping what you want in or what you want out. Meaning the transfer of air, bugs and insects, as well as safety issues all can be considered collateral damage of a poor functioning window.

  • Your home feels dark and dreary on the brightest of autumn days. Old windows can not only be dingy on the outside but they can also keep the inside of your home a bit gloomy as well. Now we’re not going to try and convince you that light isn’t coming in those old windows, of course it is, but new windows with low-impassivity coatings can help to broadcast more visible light and, most importantly, they control the transfer of heat reducing energy loss by 30%.

  • Your windows no longer keep the noise outside. Or did they ever? Do you even know what it’s like to live in a quiet house? The most immediate change customers of new windows notice is noise reduction. They can’t believe how quiet their house is!  If noise pollution has become noticeable inside your home, new windows might be part of your home’s solution.


  • You haven’t updated your homes windows to include functioning locks and improved tempered glass, you have another good reason to consider replacement. Safety in a home is worth every dollar, just ask someone who suffered a break-in or worse, a window glass accident on old windows that are too close to the floor without proper glass. Security locks and tempered glass that won’t shatter on impact for low windows come standard on every new window we replace.

By upgrading homes windows you’ll see improvements in functionality, energy efficiency, sound proofing, and safety. Features that pay their owner back and let more light into their lives.

Fall Window Replacement

As the leaves begin to fall and colder winds start to blow, Autumn is a perfect time of year to analyze your homes window repair needs. Almost one third of a home’s heat loss finds it’s way outdoors through a home’s windows. While Glass Express is always there for your emergency window repairs such as an errant football, or heaven forbid, a break-in, there are also several reasons to consider replacing some or all of your windows before the winter weather sets in.


Drafty, Rattling, Thin Windows

Drafty around your place? That annoying breeze is likely to be the result of faulty, old windows. If you’ve noticed that over the years your windows are no longer the sound barrier that they once were, chances are they are not only allowing in unwanted noise but are also letting unwanted air inside.

Cracked or Chipped Windows

You also may have a draft due to an existing crack in your window. Although they appear to be thin, cracks are no longer keeping the elements of weather out of your home. Moisture and air are entering your home. Even chipped glass is risk to your home. Not only does that window allow air to come through, it is also more likely to break which opens the door to an unintended injury. Chipped or cracked windows are costing you additional money each month in the form of heating and cooling, but may be the result of new gaps around the seal of the window that are also invitations to unwanted bugs.

Bad Seals or Rotten Panes

Many good houses were built with materials that were once top of the line but are not outdated. Weather beaten and worn window seal and panes are another good reason to consider window replacement.

Examine your home’s windows from the inside and exterior of your home. Call Glass Express for a professional, thorough inspection to consider the condition of your current windows and your window repair or replacement options.

Window repair or replacement will save you valuable time and money and leave you ready for winter warmer, safer and satisfied.

Choosing a Glass Replacement Company

Because windows are much more than just a piece of glass that allows you to see what is going on outside your home, it is important to choose the right glass replacement company. They are an integral part of the overall design, and can be used to add a real touch of elegance and sophistication to a property. They can also help cut your energy costs if they are properly sealed and maintained.

That is why it is essential to look after your windows, and why broken window glass replacement has to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

If you live in a large city like Indianapolis, IN, you are going to have a ton of different options when it comes time to choose a company to take care of your broken glass & window replacement needs. Picking the right company is an absolute must if you want the job done properly at the first time of asking. You will want to make sure that you hire a company that has plenty of experience behind them, and who will be able to take care of any glass and window issues that you may have.

You should also be on the lookout for a company that guarantees the work that they do. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a small, single pane replaced, or having a whole set of energy efficient windows put in to replace your existing windows, that work should all be guaranteed.

It’s also a good idea to look for a company that has some sort of emergency service available. Let’s face it, windows don’t always break at a time that is convenient, and leaving a broken window in place for an extended period of time does little to ensure the security of your home.

As we mentioned already, a beautiful set of windows can add a real touch of style to your home, but they can also add value. The curb appeal of your home instantly goes up when a beautiful new set of windows has been installed, plus you can add value to the home if you have the professional window replacement team install energy efficient windows such as double glazing.

Proper installation of a new window, or repair of an old, broken one, means that you still get to maintain the great look of your home, whilst blocking out the sound from outside, as well as any cold air that might otherwise seep inside.

Your windows are more valuable than you might ever have imagined, which is why you need to put them in the hands of a trusted professional whenever you need work done.

Glass Express, Inc:  A Company Committed to Service

OK, we may be a little biased. But, we care about our customers and we are committed to getting the job done right. As a company with multiple awards from Angie’s List, check out our glass repair testimonials to see what our clients our saying.