Are You a Candidate for Window Replacement?


There’s a reason late summer and early fall are most people’s favorite time of the year, it’s gorgeous outside! It’s so great outside right now, many of us are inclined to let a little of the outside in. We’re washing the windows and opening them up to make sure the sunlight pours in and the breeze flows through! For those with high quality windows, this exercise brings pure joy. For those of you with one or more of the following problems, this exercise might be a source of frustration and further indication of the fact that you might be a candidate for window replacement or repair. If. . .

  • Your windows don’t open or close properly. Other than being a complete pain when you want to adjust them, this problem leads to other more dramatic performance problems. Windows that do not open and close properly are not keeping what you want in or what you want out. Meaning the transfer of air, bugs and insects, as well as safety issues all can be considered collateral damage of a poor functioning window.

  • Your home feels dark and dreary on the brightest of autumn days. Old windows can not only be dingy on the outside but they can also keep the inside of your home a bit gloomy as well. Now we’re not going to try and convince you that light isn’t coming in those old windows, of course it is, but new windows with low-impassivity coatings can help to broadcast more visible light and, most importantly, they control the transfer of heat reducing energy loss by 30%.

  • Your windows no longer keep the noise outside. Or did they ever? Do you even know what it’s like to live in a quiet house? The most immediate change customers of new windows notice is noise reduction. They can’t believe how quiet their house is!  If noise pollution has become noticeable inside your home, new windows might be part of your home’s solution.


  • You haven’t updated your homes windows to include functioning locks and improved tempered glass, you have another good reason to consider replacement. Safety in a home is worth every dollar, just ask someone who suffered a break-in or worse, a window glass accident on old windows that are too close to the floor without proper glass. Security locks and tempered glass that won’t shatter on impact for low windows come standard on every new window we replace.

By upgrading homes windows you’ll see improvements in functionality, energy efficiency, sound proofing, and safety. Features that pay their owner back and let more light into their lives.