Be Prepared with Safety Glass

Safety glass prevent injury

Although your goal may be to never break your windows or mirrors, it is always better to be prepared with safety glass. Safety glass is designed to prevent glass from breaking or make it safer if it does break. Check out the different ways you can incorporate safety glass into your home.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass refers to special panes that are tempered or “toughened” in order to withstand additional forces the environment, or your kids, may cause. The process of replacing your glass with tempered glass involves repairing the broken glass with a new piece of glass with equal or greater strength to ensure your it lasts!

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is what it sounds like, laminated panes that replace the broken glass. Plastic sheets or other textures are placed on each side of the pane to help avoid shattering. Laminated glass is a great option for areas that people may often be in close contact with glass.

Wire Glass

Installing wire glass is a complicated process that helps make the glass more fire resistant, not necessarily stronger. These windows are generally used for fire resistant properties, and our windows meet the fire rating required by code.

Fire Rated

Wire glass is not the only fire resistant glass offered, Fire rated glass repair is also an option. Fire rated glass is often installed for commercial use to meet code requirements.

Dance studio safety back mirrorsSafety Backed Mirrors

Safety backed mirrors are designed to not shatter when impacted. These are often installed in gyms, retail stores and dance studios.

You never think something bad is going to happen, but is always good to be prepared. Whether a big storm comes through or you have a clumsy accident, installing safety windows will decrease your chances of major injury. Talk to your experts today at Glass Express and see how you can make your place safer for everyone!