March Madness or Glass Repair?

Has March Madness set in at your house? For typical Hoosiers, March Madness means NCAA brackets, point spreads, buzzer beaters, and everyone watching to see if there will be a “Cinderella” who advances to the Final Four or, even better, to the Championship game. It’s undeniable, there’s something in the air around here. Not unlike the sense of possibility we experience at the New Year, Spring comes and it too seems to offer us a chance to start anew. Just like the tournament where every team, no matter their past, has only six victories between them and the winners circle, Spring seems to say, go outside and get moving everything is possible again.


Maybe it’s become a faint whisper to you, but to the young people in our lives, the warmer winds are calling them away from the TV and outside. You name a ball and I’ve seen it begin to fly in neighborhoods and parks all around. Baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, golf balls, soft balls, lacrosse balls, and of course, basketballs. So at Glass Express, March Madness often means much more than the tournament that will make its way downtown; it means we are here for your glass repair needs any day of the week at any hour of the day when you experience your first flyball that ends in a broken window. Hopefully yours and not your neighbors, but if it is your neighbors, we’ll be happy to fix that one too. Broken windows are a mainstay of Spring. If this Spring you find that it’s your turn for the heartache of a sports related broken window call Glass Express and we’ll show up on time, repair your screen and replace your window with excellent service and a smile.

March Madness doesn’t have to mean you feel crazy by life’s broken windows. At Glass Express we are here to service all your window needs. We’re professional under pressure, we get the job done and the victory is yours.