Long Term Window Performance

Long term window performance is a key consideration for anyone deciding to invest in new windows.  Here are a few considerations to make when going through the purchasing process.

The quality of the materials your window has been built with has a good deal to do with your windows longevity.  When choosing windows, we understand several factors go into the choice of window material.  Price, style preference, and maintenance requirements might all affect the final decision of window material. To more or lesser degrees; vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood can all be a high quality material for new windows.  Just assure yourself you will face the decision head on perfectly aware that the best materials last the longest.


Outside of wear and tear performance, the second consideration is energy efficiency. You’re not only a fiscally savvy consumer, you also want to save the planet.  So, going with windows that have a high energy star rating do both.  You have the greatest return on your investment in energy bill savings in your pocket and you save natural resources for our planet.  Bam, you’re awesome.

Third, while customers always consider aesthetics such as color and style matching for the their homes’ windows, they don’t always consider a design change in size.  Look for small (or large) changes in design that will pay you dividends in value for years to come.  Always wanted to change that living room window into a bay window or have a picture window that you wished was just a little smaller? Natural light and curb appeal are worth a lot!  We’re just saying, if you’re changing out the window anyway. . .consider design!


Lastly, no matter the material, energy performance, or great design, finding a manufacturer that has attention to detail during installation will also have a great effect on the longevity of your window. In today’s window market, finding professionals that are precise, efficient, and with skills that are trustworthy can be challenging.  Doing your homework and asking friends and neighbors for references will be a huge help in this area. Pick a high quality installation team like the one at Glass Express to make sure the windows you choose will be the windows you love for years to come!