5 Benefits of Insulated Glass


If you have experienced an Indiana winter, you know they are anything but warm. If you feel the need to wear a winter coat in the comfort of your own home, then it is time to consider insulated glass. With winter around the corner, the experts at Glass Express are here to shine a light on the benefits of insulated glass.

Reduce Home Heating & Cooling Cost

While the winters seem to get colder, and the summers hotter, you notice your heating and cooling bills increasing to alarmingly high rates. Insulated windows can help reduce your heating and cooling cost by reducing heat loss in the winter, and keeping cool air circulating in the summer.

Reduced Condensation

The consistent airflow and higher humidity levels insulated glass allows reduces the levels of condensation on your windows.


Noise Reduction

Regardless if it is the kids playing outside, or the teenager’s loud music, insulated windows, can help reduce noises from outside the house. Finally, thanks to the air between the panes you can have some peace and quiet!r


If you are concerned that your current infrastructure will prevent you from installing insulated windows, don’t be! Insulated windows perform well with all materials and can easily be custom fit to your current home.

Improve Comfort and Health

Insulated windows regulate a home’s temperature and allow for better air quality. No longer will you need a new outfit every time you enter a new room with the even air temperature insulated windows will provide!
Still not convinced? Talk to our glass experts to see how insulated glass can benefit you today.