The Tempered Glass Advantage

Superior to regular glass by four to five times, tempered glass is the proverbial superman of glass. Also called strengthened glass, this durable surface is created through a chemical or heat treatment process whereby it is modified internally to withstand pressures that standard glass cannot handle.

Beautiful Tempered Glass Stairs

When broken, tempered glass fragments into small pieces sometimes called pebbles. Unlike regular glass which is known to shatter into jagged shards on impact, tempered glass breaks in a fragment pattern of blunt pebbles that are made to cling together. This anti-shatter quality is why tempered glass has safety listed as a major advantage.

Normally used in rear and side car windows, tempered glass has many commercial and residential uses as well. Any public setting where there is the risk of accidental impact or vandalism would benefit from tempered glass. From bus stops, to bank teller stations, to shopping malls, tempered glass is everywhere. Applications for a home include, but are not limited to, shower doors, table tops, large hanging mirrors, architectural glass doors, and custom shelving units. This versatile and beautiful glass is only limited by the designer’s creativity.

In addition to its unique break pattern, tempered glass is also thermally stable. This means tempered glass is less sensitive to changes in temperature and can withstand high heat. This makes tempered glass a good choice for places where the sun beats in for several hours a day, custom fireplaces, or cook-tops!

When stronger, safer, and thermally stable glass is what your project calls for; look no further than tempered glass from Glass Express Repair.