Truth About Replacing Your Windows and Doors

The Truth About Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

We’ve all heard about the benefits of replacing your windows and doors with energy efficient ones. For some of you, hearing about the benefits and savings was enough to make you invest in purchasing energy efficient windows and doors. For others, you may need more to be convinced. Well we have you covered. Glass Express Inc. came across an article in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine that debunks the myths of energy efficient products.

Myth #1 – Replacing your windows and doors won’t really save that much energy

The Truth – Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones can save a significant amount of energy. In reports published by the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2006, it was stated that if half the homes using single-pane windows in the U.S. upgraded to energy-efficient ones, approximately 20 million BTUs would be saved per year.

Myth #2 – Changing your windows and doors will cost more money than it will save

The Truth – Replacing the windows and doors of your home is an investment. However, it’s a worthwhile investment. Recovery of this investment in home value and energy savings is dependent upon the length of time you stay in your home after the replacement. Energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Myth #3 – It’s better to repair windows and doors than replace them. Repairs are less expensive and can make the windows and doors energy-efficient.

The Truth – If the repair is not quick and easy, then replacing your windows and doors is a better option.When you replace a window or door, you have the ability to choose from different style and energy ratings. When repairing a broken door or window, it’s almost impossible to increase its energy efficiency.

To read the full article on the truths of upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors, click here.

Window Emergency


Why is it that everything seems to run without a hitch until the day before your mother-in-law is coming in from out of town, or just before that big client is scheduled to come to the storefront for a visit. If bad karma comes to visit you in the form of an unexpected window repair, the good people of Glass Express have some light to shed on even the worst window disasters. Some unexpected setbacks can turn into a real headache, but as far as Glass Express is concerned, emergency glass repair doesn’t have to be one of them.


Glass Express understands that for our customers, Emergency glass repair is just that, an EMERGENCY! That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency assistance 7 days a week. Your emergency is an opportunity for us to showcase what we do best.  No glass disaster is too big or too small.  We can service industrial glass windows, commercial doors and storefronts, and residential windows and glass.

Not every emergency has open wounds and bleeding. While shattered glass is always a threat; cracked, leaking, poorly functioning windows might be just as dangerous in the long run. With over 30 years experience, Glass Express can assess your window emergency, give you a free estimate, and get the job done right. If that’s not shedding light on a bad window situation, I don’t know what is.

Life has been known to throw each one of us a curveball at the most inopportune times. If a window emergency is one that comes your way, don’t sweat it. Call Glass Express and our expert technicians will get you up and functioning with window and glass perfection before you know it!

Dealing with Window Leaks


It’s Spring, and living up to it’s name, we’ve had plenty of showers in the forecast this season. Chances are, with all the rainfall, you’ve once again noticed that long forgotten rotten window pane. Sagging, leaky window panes can cause frustrations beyond extra condensation of the window sill and small puddles of water on the floor.  If left unresolved, failing windows will make an impact on your home and your wallet that might leave you feeling drenched.  In order to avoid the waterfall effect damaged windows can cause to your home and wallet, pay attention to these spring warning signs.

If you are experiencing some condensation on the outside of your window this Spring? That’s normal!  As the air becomes more humid this time of year, it’s natural for our windows to sweat a little.  If you have the air conditioner on in the inside and the warmer, more humid air on the outside, similar to your body, your window can “sweat.”  However, if you are seeing condensation in between your windows’ glass panels or on the inside of your home, you may have window that’s not working properly.

Condensation between the glass panes may indicate a failure of your windows seal system.  If the seals have failed, the space between your window panes is no longer airtight and moisture is getting in. This is especially bothersome in large picture windows or walkway sliders.  It’s good to remember that any window or glass door can be replaced as an individual unit.  You never have to do the whole house, we can find a replacement window that both solves your condensation problem and coordinates well with your existing windows.

Window-leaks-glass-express-2If your window leaks, you have a problem that you need to pay attention to.  Leaky windows may or may not be a problem with your window, and therein lies the problem. While you may have a rotten pane or a sagging window structure, there’s a chance the water culprit is not your home’s window. When there’s a water leak involved, have a professional out to your home to access the situation.


Water damage can run deep, but they don’t have to turn your Spring into a wash. Take caution and act early if you suspect failing windows in your home. Avoid damage to wood structures, your foundation, and the possibility of the dreaded, black MOLD, by giving a window expert a call.  At Glass Express, there’s no charge for good advice.

Let the Sun Shine In – Your Skylight!

It’s right about this time of year that I find myself worshiping the sunshine. While I adore sunlight all year long, it’s in the middle of winter that I find myself, like so many Americans, pining for more of those warming rays. And while many of us travel to distant lands to soak up the sun, this year consider spending some of that vacation money on a new indoor skylight to brighten your home all year long. A well placed skylight can add natural light to the darkest of spaces and might even help give you the skip in your step you need to defeat this winter’s blues.

Adding a skylight to your home might be an easy decision to make because of all of the benefits to you and your home, but the actual business of installing skylights is better left to the professionals. Not unlike the undertaking of installing a new dormer, a skylight needs every consideration made when making a structural change to the exterior of your home. It’s worth mentioning that while a well placed skylight can offer all the benefits of dormer and is about half the cost. Still, every consideration must be made to make sure you are satisfied with your skylight for years to come.

The average big box store shopper might assume because he or she has installed a window, they would be able to install a skylight as well. It is a common mistake to think of windows and skylights as synonymous. The skylight is a much different beast than the window. The slope of your roof, the direction and angle the sun hits your home, avoiding damage to the roof and being sure to avoid the risk of leakage, are all considerations that must be made when installing a skylight.

If you are considering the addition of a skylight to add to your homes natural beauty and let more of the outside in, remember the good people at Glass Express in Indianapolis. The guiding hand of a window professional will offer the attention to detail required by a skylight project.

How to Properly Clean Glass Windows

Cleaning glass windows – a task no one really likes to do but must be done. But how do you clean glass windows correctly and without streaks? Glass Express has the answers for you. Check out these tips we found on TLC on how to properly clean glass windows:

1. Use Distilled Water
Do you know what’s in your water? Neither do most people, but most times it doesn’t matter. When it comes to cleaning your windows, you should be concerned. Using hard water can leave streaks on your glass windows and mirrors.

2.  Vinegar can Help
Vinegar is one of those all-purpose ingredients that’s tough to live without. It’s as great on a salad as it is on your mirrors. Vinegar can do wonders for your windows and mirrors. A vinegar-water solution (50/50) work great. Just spray and wipe it away as you would with any other cleaner.

3. Minimize Suds
Cleaning with a bunch of suds will leave your glass full of streaks. If you are using vinegar, this shouldn’t be much of a problem; however, if you have a really dirty mirror and you want use soap to clean it, use very little.

4. Stay Away From Paper Towels
Paper towels should never be used to clean windows, mirrors, tabletops, or any type of glass at all. Paper towels leave behind dreadful, linty streaks. A microfiber cloth should be used instead.

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Why You Should Replace Your Windows When Remodeling

Window Replacement: One of the Best Home Remodeling Projects

Attention homeowners! Glass Express Inc. has some great news for you. According to an article we read on HouseLogic, replacing your windows is one of the best home remodeling projects in terms of investment return. A homeowner can recoup up to 71% of the project cost in added home value. Based on Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, replacement projects that used vinyl windows added up to an extra $9,300 to the value of their house. If energy efficient windows that qualify for a federal tax credit were used, you can reduce another $200 off the purchase price.

HouseLogic also states that replacing your windows will also allow you to see savings on your energy bill. After installing new windows, you may be able to save up to $456 a year on your energy bill.

Want to learn more about how replacing your windows can save you money? Read the full article here.

Replace Windows, Save on Energy Costs?

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Does Replacing Your Window Really Save You Money?

I’m sure you have all been told that replacing your drafty windows can help save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. Is this really true? Glass Express Inc. has decided to do the research for you. During our research, we came across a National Geographic article that discusses this topic.

According to National Geographic, homeowners can save up to $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star qualified windows, depending on the number of windows and where you live in the United States. However, the amount you can save by replacing double-pane windows is less than 25% of that amount (the most you can save is $111).

National Geographic also states that although replacing your glass windows will save you money on your energy bills, there may be more effective options. This includes insulating your home.

To learn more and to read the full article, click here.