New Year New Windows

2016 written on a chalkboard

It’s that time of year again…time to embrace your New Year’s resolutions to be a better you. While you typically think of resolutions as improving your health, finances or getting organized, try out something new for 2016, update your home and decrease your energy bill (which can also help your financial resolution).

New windows can kickstart your 2016 and leave you with lower energy bills, more light, and updated design. Check out why new windows should be on your 2016 resolution list.

Lower Energy Cost

If saving more and spending less is one of your resolutions, then getting new windows can help you reach your goal. Insulated windows keep extreme temperatures outside which reduces adjustments to your heating and cooling system.


Natural light can drastically change any room in your home. Newer windows have larger glass to allow more light into your home and can make your home appear brighter, more welcoming, and comfortable.

Modern window creating natural light

Updated Design

Not only can new windows bring in more natural light to change a room, they can also update your home to fit your particular style. Windows can be a great, simple way to add a facelift to your home.

Noise Reduction

Do you have loud neighbors, or live next to a busy street? If the noise outside is keeping you up at night consider replacement windows to reduce outside noise.

Although new windows is not what you typically think of when you make your New Year’s resolutions, they can be a great way to start your year and help meet your other resolutions along the way. Call your experts at Glass Express to get started today!

5 Benefits of Insulated Glass


If you have experienced an Indiana winter, you know they are anything but warm. If you feel the need to wear a winter coat in the comfort of your own home, then it is time to consider insulated glass. With winter around the corner, the experts at Glass Express are here to shine a light on the benefits of insulated glass.

Reduce Home Heating & Cooling Cost

While the winters seem to get colder, and the summers hotter, you notice your heating and cooling bills increasing to alarmingly high rates. Insulated windows can help reduce your heating and cooling cost by reducing heat loss in the winter, and keeping cool air circulating in the summer.

Reduced Condensation

The consistent airflow and higher humidity levels insulated glass allows reduces the levels of condensation on your windows.


Noise Reduction

Regardless if it is the kids playing outside, or the teenager’s loud music, insulated windows, can help reduce noises from outside the house. Finally, thanks to the air between the panes you can have some peace and quiet!r


If you are concerned that your current infrastructure will prevent you from installing insulated windows, don’t be! Insulated windows perform well with all materials and can easily be custom fit to your current home.

Improve Comfort and Health

Insulated windows regulate a home’s temperature and allow for better air quality. No longer will you need a new outfit every time you enter a new room with the even air temperature insulated windows will provide!
Still not convinced? Talk to our glass experts to see how insulated glass can benefit you today.

6 Steps to Make Your Windows Ready for Winter

There’s just nothing like the way the sun glistens off a fresh layer of new snow, that is, of course when we are looking out a new, clean, energy efficient window. We’ve yet to experience that first major snow in Indianapolis this year but believe me, it’s coming! Windows have a lot to do with how you and your family will enjoy the winter season this year in your home.


Remember how you felt last winter? Last winter might bring bitter memories of indicators that it might be time to replace some windows. If replacing windows isn’t in your budget this year, here are six steps to take to help make your windows ready for winter.

  • Wash your windows. Yes, I said wash them. Having a clean window on the inside and out allows the maximum amount of sunlight into your room helping you to see better and to keep warm. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of unobstructed visible light but it will also give you the opportunity to make a careful inspection of each window in your home or business.

  • Repair cracks in window seals and caulking. Weatherstripping around windows as well as door frames helps a great deal in keeping heat in and cold air out.

  • Repair old, weak frames that show signs of deterioration. Maintaining the structural soundness of your windows will prevent gaps for drafts and possible pressure cracks.

  • Install Storm Windows. Storm windows can be interior or exterior.  These windows provide a much needed extra window layer for older window systems.

  • Don’t forget the basement! When the bottom floor of your home or office is cold it takes longer and more energy to heat your entire building.

  • Cut back any weak, low-hanging tree branches. If covered in heavy snow, they can cause damage to your building’s exterior and represent a threat to your windows.

If you’re living or working in a space with obvious signs that the windows might need replaced, such as curtains that sway in the draft or windows that have frost on the inside, perform all the steps on this list. Then, call Glass Express to consider replacing even a couple of windows at a time.

Windows have a significant impact on the heating and cooling efficiency of a home. New window technology that is going to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer not only looks beautiful, it stretches your dollar, making it a win-win.

Consider new energy efficient windows to keep you comfortable and ensure that this year you will enjoy those beautiful snowy winter mornings.

Low-E Glass: Affordable & Energy Efficient

When choosing windows, design aesthetics like placement and size come to mind, but don’t overlook the significant role low-e coatings play in the overall performance in the lifetime of your windows.  Reducing costs of heating and cooling your home, as well as the amount of visible light that enters your room are all environmental impacts related to emissivity.

Low emissivity or Low-E glass is one such technology used at Glass Express.  Glass with low emissivity has a micro-thin metal layer deposited on its surface to create the proper balance between retaining and refracting solar heat. Think of your darkest sunglasses. They refract natural light and heat.  With windows, you want to insulate your home from some of that heat while at the same time allowing in all visible light. The emissivity and temperature of your window determine the heat transfer that will occur.


Because Indiana’s climate includes both terribly hot and terrible cold days, low-e glass provides an energy conserving solution that works for you no matter the temperature.  On hot days low-e glass reflects heat on the outside and keeps cooler temperatures in.  On cold days when the heat is trying to escape from the inside, the low-e glass reflects heat back to the interior while pushing the cold air away on the outside.

At Glass Express we’re committed to keeping up with the newest residential glass technology.  When low-e improvements are made, glass keeps its solar and thermal performance at its peak and keeps you happy, safe, and comfortable.  Happy because you have more money staying in your pocket and less of it going “out the window” in the form of your heating and cooling bill, safe because your windows protect you and your family from harmful ultraviolet rays while letting in the maximum amount of visible light, and comfortable because it enables you maintain a more consistent temperature in the interior of your home.  Contact Glass Express to learn more about the benefits of low-e glass for your home.