Low-E Glass: Affordable & Energy Efficient

When choosing windows, design aesthetics like placement and size come to mind, but don’t overlook the significant role low-e coatings play in the overall performance in the lifetime of your windows.  Reducing costs of heating and cooling your home, as well as the amount of visible light that enters your room are all environmental impacts related to emissivity.

Low emissivity or Low-E glass is one such technology used at Glass Express.  Glass with low emissivity has a micro-thin metal layer deposited on its surface to create the proper balance between retaining and refracting solar heat. Think of your darkest sunglasses. They refract natural light and heat.  With windows, you want to insulate your home from some of that heat while at the same time allowing in all visible light. The emissivity and temperature of your window determine the heat transfer that will occur.


Because Indiana’s climate includes both terribly hot and terrible cold days, low-e glass provides an energy conserving solution that works for you no matter the temperature.  On hot days low-e glass reflects heat on the outside and keeps cooler temperatures in.  On cold days when the heat is trying to escape from the inside, the low-e glass reflects heat back to the interior while pushing the cold air away on the outside.

At Glass Express we’re committed to keeping up with the newest residential glass technology.  When low-e improvements are made, glass keeps its solar and thermal performance at its peak and keeps you happy, safe, and comfortable.  Happy because you have more money staying in your pocket and less of it going “out the window” in the form of your heating and cooling bill, safe because your windows protect you and your family from harmful ultraviolet rays while letting in the maximum amount of visible light, and comfortable because it enables you maintain a more consistent temperature in the interior of your home.  Contact Glass Express to learn more about the benefits of low-e glass for your home.