Safety Glass Repair

Safety glass is glass designed with additional features that either make the glass less likely to break or less harmful when it is broken. Some of the most common types of safety glass include tempered glass, laminated glass, wire glass, fire-rated glass, and safety mirrors. We repair all these types of glass and understand the unique characteristics of each one.

Tempered glass repair involves replacing glass with special panes that are tempered or “toughened” to ensure that they can withstand additional forces present in many environments. Tempered glass repair often involves repairing the broken glass with a new piece of glass with equal or greater strength to meet specifications as well as ensure that the glass is less likely to be broken in the future.

Laminated glass repair involves taking the broken glass out of its mount and replacing it with a new, laminated pane. Laminated glass has sheets of plastic or other textures on either side of the glass to avoid shattering when impacted. Laminated glass is often used in places where people interact with the glass and may be harmed in the event of the glass breaking. We have plenty of experience repairing laminated glass and know all the intricacies of a typical laminated glass repair project.

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Safety Glass Repair

Wire glass repair can be complicated because of the presence of wire within the glass. Most people assume that wire glass is stronger than regular glass, however, the wires are not designed to strengthen the glass, but rather to make it more fire-resistant. Typically wire glass is used for safety because of these fire-resistant properties. We ensure that all of our installs meet the fire rating required by code.

In addition to wire glass, we also offer fire-rated glass repair. Many commercial applications require fire-rated glass in order to meet code requirements. Fire-rated glass installations can often be complex and require expertise in current installation practices. We’ve installed dozens of fire-rated glass panels and understand these complexities. We’ll ensure that your work meets fire code requirements, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our craftsmanship.

Safety mirrors are common in many applications. A safety mirror is designed to not shatter when impacted. Safety mirrors are common in areas where mirrors are likely to be broken. We offer safety mirror repair for many types of clients including gyms, dance studios, and retail stores.

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