Clean Interior Windows in Time for Thanksgiving

The decorations are up, the turkey is in the oven and the table is set, you are finally ready for you guest to arrive. Just as you get a moment to relax, you notice little hand and nose prints on the windows. Don’t worry, just follow our easy tips to get clean interior windows before your friends and family arrive.


First, start by gathering all the necessary supplies:

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Dishrag
  • Squeegee

Start by removing the dust off the frame with a dry dishrag.

Next, Fill the bucket with warm water and a drop of a dish soap of your choice. Take the clean sponge and soak it in the water and then wring it out. Starting in the upper corner, take the sponge and glide it along the window making a zigzag motion until you have reached the bottom.

Then, take your squeegee and again starting in the upper corner, move the squeegee from one side to the next removing the water. Each time you lift the squeegee, dry it off with your dishrag.

Just like that, you have clean windows in time for Thanksgiving. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving from your neighbors at Glass Express!