Do you need glass repair or glass replacement?

glass repair

As careful as you may be, things break. And when your windows need to be replaced, you may be looking at a big expense you were not prepared for. But don’t give in just yet, you may only need glass repair. Talk to an expert to see if you can save over 50% with a simple glass repair instead of a replacement!

Are you a glass repair candidate?

Foggy Windows

Do you notice your windows are fogging up throughout the day? If so, you may be looking at a broken seal or blown windows that result in condensation between panes. You may only need a new window insert to fix the issue. You will save on your energy bill and have cleaner windows to look through with this simple glass repair.

Rotting Window

Is your window frame starting to look worn and rotting around the edges? If so, look at repairing the frame before you need to replace the entire window. Simple fixes can be done to preserve your current windows. This is an especially good option for historic homes!

rotting window


Creaking Windows

Are your windows making a creaking noise anytime it is just slightly windy? Sometimes all your window needs is a good cleaning and adjustment and it will be as good (and quiet) as new. Remove all dirt, and paint and tighten hardware before you spend an arm and leg on new windows.


Do you feel a cool breeze anytime you pass your windows? Drafty windows are not only uncomfortable, but they could be raising your heating bill. But don’t worry, you may only need to caulk around the edge and your windows will be back to keeping the wind out.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on new windows, talk to an expert at Glass Express to see if a simple glass repair can solve your problems!