Top 5 Websites for Researching Home Glass Repair

Although we are always ready to help you with all your glass repair needs. Sometimes, you just might want to do a little research. So, we have collected 5 informative glass repair sites to help you with your next home repair and/or your next glass project.

Glass Repair Tips
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There are thousands of web sites and blogs on the internet that claim to have good information about home improvement and glass repair. Surfing through all of them to find helpful, unique articles and professional-level content can be tiresome and time consuming. To take the frustration out of your search for pertinent home glass repair information, we have provided a list of the top five home improvement web sites with the most in-depth glass repair tips:

  1. Rapid Rapid Glass has an active blog containing articles about residential and commercial glass repair and replacement, tips about water spots and mildewed window panes, and much more. The information provided in their articles is up-to-date, pertinent, and written by home improvement and glass experts.
  2. Apple Glass Apple Glass Company is a Houston-based home improvement and glass repair company. On their blog, you can find interesting articles about several kinds of glass repair and home renovation projects. They have information about cutting energy costs with window replacements, preventive measures to increase the longevity of your windows and sliding doors, and even information about how to take advantage of energy tax credits to defray the costs of home improvements.
  3. Although is not specifically a glass repair company, they offer hundreds of articles about window replacement and repair and other home improvements. They provide installation guides for different windows and doors, explanations of different types of glass, and even tutorials for removing old or broken windows.
  4. Portland Portland Glass’ website offers blog articles in a variety of glass categories, including window information, auto glass, and “glass, etc.” which covers many kinds of glass renovation and home improvement projects.
  5. 411 Home Like, 411 Home Repair offers informational articles about much more than just glass repair. Their “Windows and Siding” blog category alone offers 30 helpful articles.

Don’t waste your valuable time online scrolling through redundant, superficial articles on outdated websites. Take a look at this useful glass repair and home improvement information available on one of these top web sites. Hope this helps as you plan your next glass home improvement project.

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