Why You Should Consider Investing In Safety Glass

We all know mistakes happen and things break. Take the precaution of insuring your glass fixtures are less likely to break and are less harmful if broken. We offer a wide range of safety glass including; tempered glass, laminated glass, wire glass, fire rated glass and safety mirrors. 

Tempered glass most often requires replacing broken glass with a new piece of glass with more strength to meet specifications as well as ensure that the glass is less likely to be broken in the future. Laminated glass has sheets of plastic or other texture on either side of the glass to avoid shattering when impacted. Repair with laminated glass involves taking out the broken glass and replacing it with a laminated pane.

Wire glass repair is more difficult due to the strands of wire within the glass panes. Its often thought that the wire makes the glass stronger, however that’s not the case. The wire is there to increase fire resistance. We also offer safety mirrors. Safety mirrors are commonly installed in places like dance studios, stores, gyms, and other places where mirrors are more likely to be broken.

There are many situations where considering purchasing safety glass may be your best option. Safety glass is a smart investment and insures a greater life span of all your glass fixtures.