Time to Update Your Glass Indianapolis!

With Spring cleaning just around the corner, it’s in with the new and out with the old. That means it is time to update your glass Indianapolis! You can do simple fixes to give your window treatments a facelift. Check out these 4 tips to make your windows better than new.

Update your curtains

Have you had your curtains as long as you lived in your home? If so it’s probably time for an update. Curtains can be a fun way to express your style and creativity in a room. This is one of the simplest ways to update your windows on a budget. Check out these simple curtain tips before you start. 

Purple Curtains in living room

Add some paint

If the paint is chipping around the exterior of your windows, a new coat of paint will add new life. Make sure to properly prep the area and choose a color that will complement your landscape and exterior house color. One way to ensure you are choosing a complementary color is to match your window frame to your front door.  

Replace the frame

Is the frame in the interior or exterior looking like it could use some help? Replacing the window frame can have dramatic effects to the overall look of a room. Make sure you are consulting an expert before replacing your window frames.

Rotting window frame

New windows

Sometimes new paint or curtains just cannot help your windows. In this case it might be time for window replacements. Replacing your windows can reduce cost through energy efficiency, add curb appeal, allow more light to enter a room and more. Talk to your experts at Glass Express if you think new windows is the right move for you.

Let’s add more curb appeal to the streets by updating our glass Indianapolis! Simple fixes can go a long way, so make sure updating windows is on your Spring cleaning list this year. Call your experts at Glass Express for your next glass replacement!

Winning Window Treatments

Since you’ve rewarded yourself with beautiful new windows, now might be the time to step back and consider whether those old, worn out and beaten up window treatments are a fitting accompaniment for the new kids on the block.  Sprucing up those new windows with trendy window treatments might just be the finishing trick you need to dress up your whole space. New trends in window treatments are updated versions of the timeless classics. Go ahead, see which new trend fits you!


Use Organic Materials

Let me guess, you have brown in your old window treatment; and why wouldn’t you!  Delicious tones of brown are one of homes most popular color families for their grounding and comfortable tone. Today tones of brown are coming on strong in the form of organic materials. Natural colors of bamboo or woven earthy textures, as well as, wood grain can be found in curtains, shades or blinds. Whether incorporating organic features in your windows hardware or the treatment itself, options in exposed wood are everywhere

Create Sleek Lines

If organic is not your thing, then chances are you might trend toward sleek lines. Update your space with a clean and streamlined look that says contemporary. With color palette of white and metallics, focus on the key elements of line, shape, and finishes to recreate a sophisticated modern look.

Repurpose or DIY in order to Save

Maybe your windows have been bare up to now! If that’s the case, search the web to find endless examples of quick, simple, and affordable ways to create window treatments on your own. Repurpose a favorite sheet or tablecloth. Too nervous to take on a bigger project? Begin with a valance. Window treatment DIY projects don’t have to take up a lot of time or space to make a big impact in your room.

Classic antique style bedroom.

As with any decorating project, the main thing is to create a space you feel good about. Once you see your new windows covered in treatments that make you proud, the newest member of your decorating family will be a crowd pleaser and the focal point of conversation and your room.