Truth About Replacing Your Windows and Doors

The Truth About Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

We’ve all heard about the benefits of replacing your windows and doors with energy efficient ones. For some of you, hearing about the benefits and savings was enough to make you invest in purchasing energy efficient windows and doors. For others, you may need more to be convinced. Well we have you covered. Glass Express Inc. came across an article in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine that debunks the myths of energy efficient products.

Myth #1 – Replacing your windows and doors won’t really save that much energy

The Truth – Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones can save a significant amount of energy. In reports published by the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2006, it was stated that if half the homes using single-pane windows in the U.S. upgraded to energy-efficient ones, approximately 20 million BTUs would be saved per year.

Myth #2 – Changing your windows and doors will cost more money than it will save

The Truth – Replacing the windows and doors of your home is an investment. However, it’s a worthwhile investment. Recovery of this investment in home value and energy savings is dependent upon the length of time you stay in your home after the replacement. Energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Myth #3 – It’s better to repair windows and doors than replace them. Repairs are less expensive and can make the windows and doors energy-efficient.

The Truth – If the repair is not quick and easy, then replacing your windows and doors is a better option.When you replace a window or door, you have the ability to choose from different style and energy ratings. When repairing a broken door or window, it’s almost impossible to increase its energy efficiency.

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Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Spring?

Spring is finally here. And you know what means… spring cleaning time. Most people only clean the obvious area: bedroom, garage, and bathroom. But what about your kitchen? Is your kitchen ready for the spring? Here at Glass Express Inc. we have decided to bring you tips on how to prepare your kitchen.

  1. Start With the Freezer – You will first want to start by turning your freezer off by unplugging it and letting it defrost. Once it has defrosted, remove all contents of the freezer and start your cleaning. Clean the freezer with a solution of one tablespoon of baking soda per one quart of hot water.
  2. Clean the Stove and Oven – The next step is to get your oven and stove gleaming. Remove all of the burners and knobs and soak them in vinegar. This will loosen all of the dirt and grime that has been building up all winter. Wipe down your entire stove and oven. Then make sure you rinse your burners and knobs off completely before putting them back on.
  3. Make Your Refrigerator Efficient – You will next want to focus on your refrigerator. Try to move it from against the wall in order to be able to to sweep behind it. Next, remove the grill and clean the coils. Doing this will allow you to boost your energy output and allow you to save money in the long run.
  4. Make Your Floors Shine – You will want to finish up with your floors. Make sure you start by sweeping up all of the dust, dirt, and debris. Finish up by mopping with a damp mop and natural floor cleaner.

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Benefits of Glass Countertops

Why You Should Install Glass Countertops

Are thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Have you come to a standstill in the remodeling process? Why not start with your countertops? Glass countertops are becoming more and more popular among homeowners who are in the remodeling process. If you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking, why not make it a place that you enjoy being in?

Glass counters can turn your kitchen from dull, boring kitchen no one wants to see, to one of the most beautiful and stylish parts of your home. Glass counters can be designed many different ways to add an incredible look to your home. Glass can be processed to create many different colors, shapes, and textures. Glass can also be combined with other elements to add to the effects.

Glass can be installed in many different ways to create an interesting visual effect. This also opens up possibilities for even more design effects.

Did you know glass countertops require very little maintenance, remain sanitary, and are very easy to clean? Glass can also endure high temperatures without cracking or burning.

If you’re in the remodeling process and are interested in installing glass countertops, give the glass experts at Glass Express a call today.

Grants for Home Improvement

Are you living in a home with unsafe conditions? Do you have a disability that requires your home to have special features? Did answer yes to one or both of these questions but can’t afford to properly renovate your home? Well look no further, there may be grants available to help you.

Government Grants for House Repair:

Allied Grant Writers states that Federal Government grants for home improvement usually have strict procedures. Some of these programs provide financial assistance for renovation or improvement that has safety concerns or structural issues.

State and Local Governments:

The qualifications for state and local government grants vary substantially. These procedures are also strict.

Types of Renovations Approved:

  • Door widening
  • Ramp installation
  • Improving access to rooms or facilities
  • Providing a heating system suitable to your needs
  • Adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

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Why You Should Replace Your Windows When Remodeling

Window Replacement: One of the Best Home Remodeling Projects

Attention homeowners! Glass Express Inc. has some great news for you. According to an article we read on HouseLogic, replacing your windows is one of the best home remodeling projects in terms of investment return. A homeowner can recoup up to 71% of the project cost in added home value. Based on Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, replacement projects that used vinyl windows added up to an extra $9,300 to the value of their house. If energy efficient windows that qualify for a federal tax credit were used, you can reduce another $200 off the purchase price.

HouseLogic also states that replacing your windows will also allow you to see savings on your energy bill. After installing new windows, you may be able to save up to $456 a year on your energy bill.

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