How To Take Care Of Your Glass: And 6 Other Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing worse than cleaning a whole house only to look over to see streaks still covering all the glass windows, doors and mirrors. Here are ways to ensure streak free clean glass along with 6 other tips & tricks for a truly clean home.

Custom glass shower door

Streak Free Glass

  • Say no to paper towel and cotton rags. The best option when cleaning glass is to use either newspaper or microfiber cloths.
  • Make sure to work from the top to the bottom.
  • Use cotton swabs for hard to reach corners.
  • Try making your own glass cleaner formula by mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to work quickly! The longer the cleaner sits the more streaks you will find.

6 Other Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep you baseboards clean by taking a dryer sheet to them.
  2. Clean the stove top like never before by using a mixture of Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Pour vinegar into a plastic bag and secure it over the shower head to unclog it and make it shine like new.
  4. Use a squeegee to get pet hair and lint out of couches and carpets.
  5. Clean window screens by rubbing a lint roller over them.
  6. Use a lemon to remove any hard water stains on faucets and shower fixtures.

With these tips & tricks your home will be cleaner than ever before.

Use Glass this Spring in Your Home


Spring is a refreshing time of year. From new buds on trees to a dabs of color reaching out of the ground, the earth seems to express compassion on us all after the long dead winter, and our environment reflects life again. We too begin to spruce things up at this time of year. We give our space a good deep cleaning and begin to look for ways to refresh where we live. Use glass this Spring for a wonderful reflecting power to create a brighter, more illuminating and comfortable feel in your home.

Glass is one of the oldest mediums used to decorate a home. Long before the American pioneers were using glass in windows of homes, ancient civilizations had created glass structures to beautify their homes. Glass has long been recognized as a valuable aesthetic for any space. Because it’s so versatile, it’s not hard to see why glass is still a prominent feature in modern home decoration.

Beautiful-Tempered-Glass-Stairs-945x708Glass can be paired with any other medium. Coupled with metal for a more industrial look or wood and leather for a more traditional setting, glass always reflects the style you surround it with. Glass, of course, can be used in the interior or exterior of your home. Think outside the box with glass. When used in nontraditional ways it has its biggest impact. While glass table tops and glass backsplashes are always beautiful, daring glass railings on staircases and glass wall features can have an visual impact that visitors will never forget.

As you begin to think of ways to give your home new life this spring, don’t forget the use of decorative glass to beautify and inspire your living space. Glass is so much more than a window. Remember to use glass beyond the bathroom and kitchen. A customized accent glass piece may be just what your living room or office needs to make this a season you won’t soon forget!

The History of Glass

Ancient Roman Glass Vases

If knowledge is power, which it is, be prepared to put your glass turbo boosters on. Did you realize that glass has been around since 3000 BC? That’s a long time period for the history of glass! Now that wasn’t, of course, the kind of transparent, geothermal treated glass we have on modern homes today, but forms of glass have been used as mediums for life since nearly the beginning of civilizations. The people of Ancient Egypt, yes those folks that brought us the Pyramids, also knew how to make glass. Not surprising really. They were able to formulate a glass that became almost as valuable as jewels. Eventually the art of blowing glass was discovered which made the process much easier and less costly. For the first time, glass was becoming available for to the average villager for the first time. Would you believe, that was still 30 before the birth of Jesus Christ!

For many of us our earliest memories of historical glass might come from episodes of Little House on the Prairie. “Pa, are those windows for our cabin?” But the reality is, humanity has been perfecting the art of glass for much, much longer.

It was within the first four centuries of the Christian Era that transparent glass was seen for the first time. Over the next 1500 years glass would be perfected into mediums from everyday tableware and storage, to exclusive fine crystals, to stained glass art in every color of the rainbow.

Log Cabin

Eventually, the first colonies were created, and glass that didn’t break on the long ride to Jamestown made it to what is now American soil. Still, it took quite a few years for America to have their own glass company. It was toward 1735 that the first American glass company came into existence, and several others followed in the years to come. It wasn’t until the 1850’s that glass was being manufactured as window glass. And that brings us back to that episode of Little House on the Prairie. As it turns out, you may have known more about glass than you realized! Those were some of the earliest windows.

If you’ve gotten a glass education today and are looking at home windows that remind you of Half Pint’s Little House, chances are you might be a bit behind the times. The good people at Glass Express can help you bring your little house and it’s windows to this century.

Steps to a Timeless Bathroom Remodel

I see them every weekend at big box home improvement stores. There they are roaming the aisles high from one too many episodes of HGTV and DIY network. They want to remodel their bathroom, and they start in the tile aisle, then they move on to cabinets and then to fixtures. It’s a common remodeling mistake that even your most seasoned DIYer is apt to fall into. In order to avoid starting your bathroom remodel with last things first, here are some simple steps to ensure the order of your process leads you to the bathroom you envisioned on day one.


First, spend a half hour in your space. Go in the bathroom and sit. Not on the throne, sit on the floor and look for light. Natural light is a must for a great bathroom with a timeless design. Where is the window? Does it allow for the flow of natural light through the whole bath? If there isn’t a window is a skylight and option? Never discount the value of natural light and fresh air in a bathroom. It doesn’t matter if the room is large or small, the starting place is looking for the details of air movement and light. Don’t stop at a window for light, always include elements of glass and mirror. Glass shower enclosure or oversize custom mirror might be the linchpin for movement of natural light through your space. Think long term in order to get the most from your remodel, in ten years it won’t matter if you had cute tile in a dark and muggy bathroom. Start with the light.

Next, function is charm! Whether your style is shabby chic, contemporary art deco, or somewhere in the middle with modern farmhouse, the function of user space is charm. Consider space available, sight lines, as well as, family specific user accommodations. A bathroom that functions is cleaner and adds lifestyle value that is a delight!


Lastly, delve into all the details of how you want to decorate the space. Pick out color schemes, tile patterns, fixtures and knobs. Pick a balance of items that represent your taste and neutral elements that withstand the test of time. The details do matter, but they matter most when they start with good design.

Although bathrooms are small compared to most of the other rooms in your home, they are among the more important. In order to get the most of the time and money you spend updating yours make a good start to your project. A bathroom remodel should look great in the end but homeowners who follow these simple steps will end with a new room that is more than just a pretty powder room. It will be a room that adds exceptional value because it will be airy, light, and will work for the people who live there for years to come.

Glass and the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial

Last fall I had the opportunity to go to New York City and visit the Museum of Modern Art, lovingly known as MoMa. One of the most striking takeaways about MoMa and NYC together, was how aware I became of the fact that everything seems to copy an original piece of art or architecture. Art in all forms copies nature at some level, but those of us who are starving for design in our homes often draw inspiration from the art and architecture around us. Indianapolis is a great place to find statues and monuments as art to imitate in your home. As a matter of fact, Indy is second only to Washington D.C. in the number of monuments in one city!

One piece in Indianapolis that might inspire great home design is the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial. Located on the north bank of the Canal in White River State Park, the Medal of Honor Memorial is a symphony of glass, light, and sound that celebrate the valor of its recipients. The inspiration for the monument was received after the chairman of Indianapolis Power and Light read an article in the New York Times that was written to celebrate the distinction known as Medal of Honor heroes. IPALCO later learned that there was no monument in the US in honor of these courageous individuals.  Moved by the valor of these war heroes and their story, they decided to begin the work that has left Indy with this gorgeous glass monument to enjoy for years to come.


Comprised of 27 curved glass walls, each between 7 and 10 feet tall, the panels are arranged into 15 walls. Each glass wall represents the war conflict in which the Medal of Honor was received.  To visit the memorial at dusk is the greatest pleasure. At that time of day an audio and light presentation accompanies the beautiful glass work of art. Playing on each of your senses, the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial is a monument worthy of the men and women it represents. This is the type of unique dignity we at Glass Express like to bring to each of our custom glass projects. So if you’re considering a custom divider wall, shower enclosure, or glass tabletop give us a call, and we’ll create inspired pieces together.

Spring Clean – Clean Windows Too!

I don’t know about you, but I love Spring cleaning. I love opening up an overstuffed closet or a cluttered drawer and letting the purge begin. I like looking into dark corners and high spaces that are usually neglected or at least not scrutinized and giving them the deep cleaning attention they deserve. Windows have a tendency to fall into this category of an area of your home that could be overlooked for a season, but all of the sudden the sun is shining a bit more brightly and you notice all the build up they’ve collected now that hibernating season is over. Giving your windows a deep Spring cleaning will make you feel a sense of accomplishment and will leave your house looking great.

clean windows

Rain itself does not make windows dirty. Windows get dirty from dirt. Dirt, pollen, and dust build up on your windows and the rain splatters it around making spots. The best way to clean windows is with lukewarm soapy water and a squeegee. The fewer bubbles the better. Wash the windows and immediately use the squeegee in the top corner pulling down in an S pattern to remove the soapy residue. Clean the squeegee after every swipe with a dry cloth. After removing most of the soap solution, go over the corners of your window with another dry microfiber cloth. It’s best to wash windows on an overcast day. If the sun is too hot, the suds have a tendency to dry quicker than you can clean them off, leaving streak marks.

For those of you who don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, there are professional window cleaners out there. Make the call and schedule an appointment to have the work done for you. If you can afford this route, all the more power to you. For those of you who will be doing the work yourself, set realistic goals. There are a lot of windows in your home. Keeping the workload manageable by deciding to do the inside windows on one occasion and the outside windows on another. Or break up your home by sides, do the entire front of the house windows inside and out, before you move to the sides and rear of your home.

When cleaning your windows this year for Spring, remember there’s nothing like being completely at ease with your living space and even a little proud of what you’ve done to beautify your home. Satisfaction from a job well done is a great feeling. Now’s the time to throw off whatever clings to you and your home from winter and move into a brighter cleaner Spring!

Custom Glass Mirrors – Decorator’s Dream Tool

Whether you’re the type of homeowner that is aware of every aesthetically pleasing nuance of your home’s space and decorates to the detail or you have a more hands off approach to decorating with a ‘show me what works’ attitude, having mirrors in your space is a must. Custom glass mirrors are a dynamic tool that tends to give much more than they get. A well placed mirror gets lots of attention without us even noticing that it’s there or much less working overtime for our pleasure. A mirror can brighten, elongate, give depth to, or show off any space in need of a little help.


Certain mirrors are made to be looked in. Checking to see how you look is an everyday part of our lives. Having the right mirror in practical spaces of self-reflection defines the room as much as it decorates it. The bathroom, for instance, needs one or two pragmatic mirrors, each with a different purpose for inspection. Do not be afraid to go big. A large custom mirror in a small space works. In this case, the more of yourself you see, the better you’re bound to look.


If you’ve just spent a good deal on a showcase piece of furniture or even a piece of art, placing a mirror on the opposing wall is an excellent way to reflect the piece giving it even more angles at which to be observed and therefore more importance in the room. Selecting a custom mirror is the best way to ensure all your spatial and aesthetic needs are met.

A well designed custom mirror is one of the best definitions of ‘fashion meets function’ for a home. These versatile masterpieces have the ability to lighten a dark room, broaden a narrow one, or trick the eye into noticing that new piece of art, all the while being art itself. Stop the endless looking for the perfect mirror to go in your home. Contact Glass Express to find out more about creating the mirror that you and your space deserve.

Glass Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Before you begin to deck the halls this season take a good look around your home and take these three easy steps to inventory your use of glass. Utilizing glass decorating as a design element in any room can add transparency and texture, make up for spatial challenges, and offer a visual highlight transforming an old space into something new.

Window Replacement- Holiday

Step one: Wash your windows inside and out. Use mildly soapy warm water and a soft lint free cotton towel. Right now, your windows are probably the largest glass element in your home, make sure they look their best. A clean streak-free window will allow natural light to stream into your home and give you a beautiful view of that bright first snowfall.

Step two: Clean and then assess your use of mirrors. Do you have enough mirrors? Are they doing the most to enhance the fashion as well as function of your room? A well placed wall mirror can add space and light to a small room making it feel brighter and larger. A large room can also benefit from the use of a mirror to create multi-functional spaces in one larger space. Your eyes are drawn to glass. Just like you see a mirror at the end of a long hallway, a mirror at the end of a room draws your eyes towards itself and creates an instant visual traffic pattern.

Step three: Consider adding a glass tabletop to an already existing table. Whether it’s your end table, coffee table, sideboard, or credenza, adding a glass tabletop can make the piece look larger and classier for sure. A glass tabletop works in any season, but now is the perfect time in order to reflect twinkle lights, display a favorite ornament collection or show off anything from a well stocked bar to a holiday village scene.

Taking inventory of your homes major glass elements by using these three easy steps prepares the base layer of your room to move and receive light. So move over Christmas decorations, you’ve been put on the back burner until the major glass elements have been freshened up to make sure your room look good all year long. This way, when you do deck the halls, your house will sparkle like never before!

Top 5 Websites for Researching Home Glass Repair

Although we are always ready to help you with all your glass repair needs. Sometimes, you just might want to do a little research. So, we have collected 5 informative glass repair sites to help you with your next home repair and/or your next glass project.

Glass Repair Tips

We Love To Share With Your Glass Repair Tips!

There are thousands of web sites and blogs on the internet that claim to have good information about home improvement and glass repair. Surfing through all of them to find helpful, unique articles and professional-level content can be tiresome and time consuming. To take the frustration out of your search for pertinent home glass repair information, we have provided a list of the top five home improvement web sites with the most in-depth glass repair tips:

  1. Rapid Rapid Glass has an active blog containing articles about residential and commercial glass repair and replacement, tips about water spots and mildewed window panes, and much more. The information provided in their articles is up-to-date, pertinent, and written by home improvement and glass experts.
  2. Apple Glass Apple Glass Company is a Houston-based home improvement and glass repair company. On their blog, you can find interesting articles about several kinds of glass repair and home renovation projects. They have information about cutting energy costs with window replacements, preventive measures to increase the longevity of your windows and sliding doors, and even information about how to take advantage of energy tax credits to defray the costs of home improvements.
  3. Although is not specifically a glass repair company, they offer hundreds of articles about window replacement and repair and other home improvements. They provide installation guides for different windows and doors, explanations of different types of glass, and even tutorials for removing old or broken windows.
  4. Portland Portland Glass’ website offers blog articles in a variety of glass categories, including window information, auto glass, and “glass, etc.” which covers many kinds of glass renovation and home improvement projects.
  5. 411 Home Like, 411 Home Repair offers informational articles about much more than just glass repair. Their “Windows and Siding” blog category alone offers 30 helpful articles.

Don’t waste your valuable time online scrolling through redundant, superficial articles on outdated websites. Take a look at this useful glass repair and home improvement information available on one of these top web sites. Hope this helps as you plan your next glass home improvement project.

If you are ready to get started with your next home improvement project, check out all of our glass insulation services.  


Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Spring?

Spring is finally here. And you know what means… spring cleaning time. Most people only clean the obvious area: bedroom, garage, and bathroom. But what about your kitchen? Is your kitchen ready for the spring? Here at Glass Express Inc. we have decided to bring you tips on how to prepare your kitchen.

  1. Start With the Freezer – You will first want to start by turning your freezer off by unplugging it and letting it defrost. Once it has defrosted, remove all contents of the freezer and start your cleaning. Clean the freezer with a solution of one tablespoon of baking soda per one quart of hot water.
  2. Clean the Stove and Oven – The next step is to get your oven and stove gleaming. Remove all of the burners and knobs and soak them in vinegar. This will loosen all of the dirt and grime that has been building up all winter. Wipe down your entire stove and oven. Then make sure you rinse your burners and knobs off completely before putting them back on.
  3. Make Your Refrigerator Efficient – You will next want to focus on your refrigerator. Try to move it from against the wall in order to be able to to sweep behind it. Next, remove the grill and clean the coils. Doing this will allow you to boost your energy output and allow you to save money in the long run.
  4. Make Your Floors Shine – You will want to finish up with your floors. Make sure you start by sweeping up all of the dust, dirt, and debris. Finish up by mopping with a damp mop and natural floor cleaner.

If you want more tips on how to make sure your kitchen is ready for the spring, click here: Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips.

Now that you have cleaned your kitchen, it is time to replace your tabletops with our custom glass tabletops. Contact us now for more information. 317.845.0482