Improve Your Bathroom with Custom Glass

Looking for your next weekend project this Spring? How about treating yourself to an updated master bathroom! Even the smallest upgrades can make a big difference. Give yourself the bathroom you have always wanted with custom glass. Check out these ways you can use custom glass to upgrade your master bathroom.

Custom Mirrors

Do you currently have a simple mirror hanging over your vanity? If so, try getting creative and updating space with custom glass mirrors. There are so many fun options, you can truly bring out your personality with your design. Opt for a framed mirror, frameless, or quirky designs hanging over both sinks. Check out some of HGTV’s favorite bathroom mirrors.

Custom GlassFrameless Shower

Has your shower seen better days? Treat yourself to an upgraded shower. It is something you, hopefully, will get a lot of use out of! Go for a bold look and upgrade to a frameless shower. Not only are they less maintenance, but they look amazing!



Is your bathroom lacking good lighting? Anyone trying to put on makeup in poor lighting knows the importance of good lighting! Bring in the natural light with a bathroom skylight if your room allows. It will lighten your mood and your room!

Simple upgrades can make your master bathroom look and feel like a million bucks! Plus it will increase your resale value on your home. Talk to your experts at Glass Express to see how they can bring your dream master bathroom to life.

6 Tips to Lighten Your Living Space

When the snow finally melts you know what comes next…rain, and lots of it. You have spent the past season with sunny days far and few in between. So you want to be prepared to take advantage of every sunny day there is, even if you are stuck in doors.
Don’t let the gloomy days bring you down, instead check out these tips to let the sun in!

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your living space is a simple yet effective way to increase the light of any room. Plus they can make your room appear larger. Place a mirror opposite of where natural light will reflect to get the most out of your living space. Try custom mirrors to really make a statement in your living space.


Though this may be one of the pricier options, a skylight can really increase your mood! Talk to your experts at Glass Express on which ways a skylight can increase the value of your home. Plus a skylight is a great way to allow natural light in without affecting the privacy of your home.

Translucent Shades

Not ready to completely give up on your privacy? Instead of having heavy drapes blocking the sun, opt for translucent shades to still have your privacy while allowing the sun to peak in.

Bring in Reflective Surfaces

Not only are mirrors a great way to lighten up a room, any reflective surface can have the same effect. Try adding a glass table top or shiny decor to your living space.

Choose Light Paint Colors

Are you more drawn to darker colors? If so, try to lighten things up when choosing paint colors. The lighter colors will soften your living space and make a room appear like there is more natural light. Another tip, keep your ceiling lighter than your walls to make a room appear larger and brighter.

Change up your Doors

If your doors are currently solid, consider changing them out for a door with a window. This is a simple way to add more natural light without adding new windows to your home.

Don’t let the gloomy days bring you down. Call your experts today at Glass Express to lighten up your living space and your mood!

Increase Your Home’s Value with Custom Glass

New year, new you. We’ve all said it, but what about new year, new home? This year set aside some projects to increase your home’s value. Whether you are looking to sell your home, or are just looking to give your home a face-lift, try adding custom glass. Check out how custom glass can be incorporated to increase your home’s value:

Custom glass shower door

Glass Shower Doors

There are numerous ways you can upgrade your old shower with custom glass. Increase the rooms functionality and personality with frameless shower doors. Adding a new shower door can give your bathroom the upgrade you didn’t know it needed.  

Custom Mirrors

Use your personal style and creativity when upgrading your current mirrors. Mirrors are a fun way to be both versatile and functional. If you are already happy with your current mirrors, consider adding a mirror to a room to make it appear larger. It is a simple way to give the illusion of a larger space.

French Doors

Nothing gives off a whimsical romantic touch like custom french doors. If you have always dreamed of replacing your current slider with beautiful french doors, make the change this year!

Insulated Glass

Replacing your current windows with insulated glass may not offer a dramatic facelift, but it will increase your home’s value and your current energy bill. Not only are insulated windows better for your energy bill, but they will also make it easier to sell your home. It is the higher quality that buyers look for!

Custom skylight


Did you know natural light increases happiness? Bring that happiness into your favorite room with a skylight. The skylight will make your room appear larger while allowing natural light and warmth in.

Don’t let another year go by without making the upgrades that can either increase your home’s value or your happiness. Call your experts at Glass Express Repair today!

Let’s Talk Custom Glass

Are you ready for an upgrade? If you’ve noticed your decor hasn’t changed for years, try spicing it up this holiday season. Incorporating custom glass into your living space can lighten any room while adding a modern touch. See the different ways you can bring custom glass into your home.
Backdoor Glass Doors

French Doors

If you are really looking to change the feel of a room, you should consider adding french doors. They add a romantic, whimsical feel that can leave a dramatic impact on the living space. French doors will also allow more light to reach your room which can lift anyone’s mood!


Not only can mirrors be a design piece for your room, they can actually make a room appear larger. This is a great trick for small living spaces. Make your mirror suite your personality with a custom design that is unique to you.

Purple Curtains in living room

Glass Table

Replace your current coffee table with a glass table to give the illusion of more space. You can make a DIY table or get a custom design. If you’re not ready to replace your current table, consider adding a glass top to preserve the condition and allow for easy maintenance.



Are you looking for a space to display all your family pictures and belongings? Try adding shelves to a bare wall. Glass shelves put a unique spin to the traditional shelves.


There are so many fun ways to add glass to your decor. You can use old windows and create a DIY picture frame or wall art.

There are so many fun ways to bring custom glass into you home. So how are you going to change up your living space this season? Contact your experts at GLass Express to start this season off right!

Spice up your Fall with Decorative Glass


Fall leafs

Summer’s out and Fall’s in. Now that a new season has arrived, it is time to spice up your home with decorative glass. There are so many fun ways to incorporate glass into your home, from a simple glass separator to glass floors.

Glass tabletop

Glass Tabletops 

Add a glass table to any room to instantly brighten it up. Glass tables can be easy to clean and they add a modern touch to your room. There are many ways you can get creative with glass table tops, from textures, size and colors.

Glass Floors

If you are ready to take your decorative glass to the next level, add glass floors to your home. This feature will leave any house guest in awe. This is especially neat when the glass floors opens up to a wine cellar.


Sky light

One of the best ways to allow natural light into a room is with a sky light. The natural light can warm a room, and instantly make a room feel larger. Sky lights are especially effective in a bedroom or nook. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars!

Glass Separator

A glass separator allows rooms to be separate while remaining connected. Rooms can still flow nicely together, but the room can have its own design. Glass separators are great for dividing family rooms from other busy living spaces in your home.


Does your rooms feel small and stuffy? For a quick fix, add a large mirror. Mirrors can create an illusion that makes smaller rooms appear larger. They also reflect light and can showcase artwork that is hanging in your home.

There are so many ways to bring glass into your home, how are you going to spice up this Fall? Contact your experts at Glass Express to start this season off right!

Custom Glass Mirrors – Decorator’s Dream Tool

Whether you’re the type of homeowner that is aware of every aesthetically pleasing nuance of your home’s space and decorates to the detail or you have a more hands off approach to decorating with a ‘show me what works’ attitude, having mirrors in your space is a must. Custom glass mirrors are a dynamic tool that tends to give much more than they get. A well placed mirror gets lots of attention without us even noticing that it’s there or much less working overtime for our pleasure. A mirror can brighten, elongate, give depth to, or show off any space in need of a little help.


Certain mirrors are made to be looked in. Checking to see how you look is an everyday part of our lives. Having the right mirror in practical spaces of self-reflection defines the room as much as it decorates it. The bathroom, for instance, needs one or two pragmatic mirrors, each with a different purpose for inspection. Do not be afraid to go big. A large custom mirror in a small space works. In this case, the more of yourself you see, the better you’re bound to look.


If you’ve just spent a good deal on a showcase piece of furniture or even a piece of art, placing a mirror on the opposing wall is an excellent way to reflect the piece giving it even more angles at which to be observed and therefore more importance in the room. Selecting a custom mirror is the best way to ensure all your spatial and aesthetic needs are met.

A well designed custom mirror is one of the best definitions of ‘fashion meets function’ for a home. These versatile masterpieces have the ability to lighten a dark room, broaden a narrow one, or trick the eye into noticing that new piece of art, all the while being art itself. Stop the endless looking for the perfect mirror to go in your home. Contact Glass Express to find out more about creating the mirror that you and your space deserve.