Make a Statement with Glass

When thinking about glass installments, people don’t usually focus on decoration. However, mix things up and bring in custom glass fixtures to take center stage in a room. From redecorating to looking to add value to your home, decorative glass is here to help.

Add curb appeal by switching out your current entry way door with a door with glass windows that allows light to shine through

In the Entry Way

Add curb appeal to your home while lightening up your space by switching out your current solid front door with a door with a window.  

In the Kitchen

Wow your guests by allowing an expert to make your beaten down tabletops new again. Glass table tops allow your table to stand out and stand up to the wear and tear of everyday usage.

In the Bathroom

Renovate your now mundane bathroom by adding custom mirrors, a frameless shower, or even a beautiful skylight to open up the space. Once updated, you’ll never want to leave.

Remodel your living room space by adding custom glass and translucent shades to let in light and keep your privacy

In the Living Room

Tired of dark drapes being the only solution to obtain some privacy within your living space? Switch to translucent shades which allow you to keep your privacy while allowing the sun to shine through simultaneously.

These small improvements can make a big difference in your home and will make a statement that guests will never forget. Call the experts at Glass Express Inc. today to get a free quote!


Spring Cleaning for Your Bathroom

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means, Spring Cleaning! Sometimes spring cleaning can be overwhelming and you may have a hard time determining where to start. Well why not start with the bathroom? Here at Glass Express, we decided to research the best spring cleaning tips for your bathroom. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Clean out the Cupboards
The first step is to clean out your cupboards. Take everything out of your cupboards and get organized. Throw away any expired lotion, sprays, deodorants, hair accessories, etc. Place everything back else in the cupboard, organized by product, then by products most used.

Tip 2: Get to Cleaning
Once you have cleaned the cupboards, it’s time to start cleaning the bathroom. It’s best to start with the bathtub and work your way around. A toothbrush should be used to clean the grout in the shower. Next clean the mirror, shower doors, and countertops.

Tip 3: Make it Fancy
After you have organized your cupboards and cleaned, it is now time to make your bathroom comfortable and relaxing. Start by lighting a candle and place it on the lid of the toilet or on the counter (make sure there are no towels near the flame). Next, add soft lighting. Bathroom lighting should not be extremely bright.

To read more about spring cleaning for you bathroom, click here

Done cleaning your bathroom? Why not bring your bathroom to life with new glass fixtures? Call us today and ask about our custom bathroom mirrors, shower enclosures, and other bathroom glass fixtures. 317.845.0482.