Steps to a Timeless Bathroom Remodel

I see them every weekend at big box home improvement stores. There they are roaming the aisles high from one too many episodes of HGTV and DIY network. They want to remodel their bathroom, and they start in the tile aisle, then they move on to cabinets and then to fixtures. It’s a common remodeling mistake that even your most seasoned DIYer is apt to fall into. In order to avoid starting your bathroom remodel with last things first, here are some simple steps to ensure the order of your process leads you to the bathroom you envisioned on day one.


First, spend a half hour in your space. Go in the bathroom and sit. Not on the throne, sit on the floor and look for light. Natural light is a must for a great bathroom with a timeless design. Where is the window? Does it allow for the flow of natural light through the whole bath? If there isn’t a window is a skylight and option? Never discount the value of natural light and fresh air in a bathroom. It doesn’t matter if the room is large or small, the starting place is looking for the details of air movement and light. Don’t stop at a window for light, always include elements of glass and mirror. Glass shower enclosure or oversize custom mirror might be the linchpin for movement of natural light through your space. Think long term in order to get the most from your remodel, in ten years it won’t matter if you had cute tile in a dark and muggy bathroom. Start with the light.

Next, function is charm! Whether your style is shabby chic, contemporary art deco, or somewhere in the middle with modern farmhouse, the function of user space is charm. Consider space available, sight lines, as well as, family specific user accommodations. A bathroom that functions is cleaner and adds lifestyle value that is a delight!


Lastly, delve into all the details of how you want to decorate the space. Pick out color schemes, tile patterns, fixtures and knobs. Pick a balance of items that represent your taste and neutral elements that withstand the test of time. The details do matter, but they matter most when they start with good design.

Although bathrooms are small compared to most of the other rooms in your home, they are among the more important. In order to get the most of the time and money you spend updating yours make a good start to your project. A bathroom remodel should look great in the end but homeowners who follow these simple steps will end with a new room that is more than just a pretty powder room. It will be a room that adds exceptional value because it will be airy, light, and will work for the people who live there for years to come.

European Glass Showers – Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

Have you thought about doing a European glass shower? 

European Glass Shower

European Glass Shower

This is a sleek and clean shower design that will bring a touch of class to your bathroom.

Depending on the design you choose, these glass showers can be trackless, require no and/or minimal hardware, and varies in height, width, and glass style.  

Our clients love the fact that European glass showers are easy to clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly.  


If you are ready to treat yourself with a glass shower, there are few things to think about before you decide on the design.

First, you need to know the dimensions of your shower. How big and/or small will play a significant role in the design and price of your new shower.

Secondly, you need to think about glass thickness? Glass shower thicknesses can very – 1/2″, 1/4″, 3/8” and 3/16”. The best choice is heavier and thicker glass. Heavier, thicker glass will often slide better.

Finally, you should look into various glass styles. The style of glass will impact your entire design.

European glass showers will give your home a completely new, luxurious look.

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