Create Your Own At Home Spa Getaway

There’s nothing better than coming home and washing away the long day’s work. Why not create your own at home spa escape to make a comfortable getaway for you and your family. Here at Glass Express we offer custom shower enclosures to fit your every need.

Just like the luxury hotels, we provide extravagant European style shower enclosures. Each custom European shower includes durable thick glass with no frame around the edges. We’ve had plenty of experience installing these showers across Indianapolis and Carmel, so we can ensure a job well done in creating the bathroom of your dreams. The money spent on upgrading your bathroom will pay off in increased home value and an overall improved look of your home.

Aside from your new European style shower, we’ve curated 5 tips of how to make your bathroom at home feel like a true spa.

Re-paint with calming neutrals

Colors like white and beige will create an overall fresh and peaceful environment in your bathroom.

Add in refreshing indoor plants

Indoor plants can have a variety of benefits for your home and they’ll help add a touch color to your small space.

Invest in high quality towels

There’s nothing better than the large plush towels from the luxury hotels. You won’t regret investing in a new set of towels to make you truly feel like you’re at a spa escape.

Diffuse essential oils

Receive the many benefits of essential oils by diffusing scents like lavender and jasmine.

Remove the bathroom clutter

Organizing your toiletries can go a long way. Investing in some high quality storage bins will help add the final touch to your new at home spa.

With these 5 tips and your new European style shower and closure, you’ll never have to leave your home again to receive a spa like experience. Here at Glass Express we want to assist in making your dream bathroom a reality. Call us today for questions or to get a free quote!